Saturday, August 9, 2008

Recycouture Mourning Dress 4

This is the latest Mourning Glory for FashionRIP. This recyCouture garment started life as a blouse. The skirt is from the leftovers of the first dress and the panne velvet bottom is from a gifted" to slash" robe. Tell your friends what you do, so when birthdays come around they bring you yard sale and thrift store desirables.
The whole gifting biz is a weird spin on consumerism now isn't it?....resin cat or dust catching thing a ma jig ...not to mention the bag or paper.....all needs a rethink, methinks; and then we can design it! (ps know your copyrights and retain control)

Monday, August 4, 2008

You Can Sew 2

I cannot possibly reFashion enough clothes on my own to make a mark in the industry. Pick up a ripper, a needle and a spool of thread and join the style parade. If you are in Seattle join one of my classes and see how satisfying recyCouture can be... go to fashion ethos for more info. Thanks!