Sunday, August 3, 2014

Born of Stars

 When we learn to see differently, what we see changes.

"We are born of stars" (M Kaku)  and filled with stars.

That sparkly, twinkle sensation that emanates from the cells in your body are they not like stars?  That aliveness is the vital energy that moves us and through us all.

I feel it best when i lie still after morning exercises stretches-yoga and pilates.  Feeling one's own aliveness helps us connect to the whole flow of life itself. I believe it one door through which we can experience our relationship to the whole living planet, uni-verse and...?

Vital energy is in the very music of string theory, it shows up as the vibration that hums through our bodies, our "personal ecosystems" and beyond, way, way beyond.

If you close your eyes; where do you end? You feel boundary sensations only where you touch "other" or that which appears as matter not you.” How cool is that?  Thank you Steve Ross for pointing this out.

This was new to me, as i had been taught to view my body in machine like terms. (or as a sexual “object”- that divisioning for hierarchical thinking-again)

All that huff and puff aerobic stuff, the weight lifting the exercise for muscle tone, weight loss and or heart health, sexual desirability, the focus was all about performance and measurable results.  I wasn't taught to value my "being" or celebrate my body as a glorious piece in the whole of "physical matter."

Why so?

I have a cousin who is a math prof. He is in town to do tenure fulfillment obligations. I asked him about this and he told me he was working on an app for statistics. In this process he is figuring out a way to condense data to fit the platform aka play with the numbers to oblige the new "tool!"

This is precious!

First we create the tool and then through market agenda, memes and other influences, that "tool" takes over and becomes a "ruler" of thought.  Then we cater to the tool, we design for it, we extoll its virtues and scoff at those without the newest "tools." 
This example of interactivity between what we create and conscious application apparently slides under the radar in the guise of "progress” aka not to be questioned!

However, what can we learn from this rather silly and insatiable quest?

One answer:
We are living in a world that we are designing. So now let us design the world we really want to live in.

Even those who think they benefit from the design of the old story are hurting. They too are trapped and arrested by the concepts that are destroying the diversity of choice probabilities.” Living in this story manifests as a shrinking down spiral.

Every loss in diversity equates to a loss in health. (We are ecosystems, we co evolved with the whole of the planet’s ecosystems, we are connected, therefore trashing the planet’s systems is suicidal behavior) The next loop in the spiral down creates even more self-limiting beliefs as more choices seem to dry up. The pattern is obvious and need not, should not be followed. This is not acceptable behavior!

It does, however, show that we have power and that our beliefs set that power in motion. Ok then, now let us take this knowledge and act responsibly like the maturing, conscious species we like to think we are. 

 One way is to re imagine what we think to be of value. What is really valuable?
What about exploring underappreciated resources and questioning the hand me down concepts, we are encouraged to "own." and to propagate?  These kinds of questions can open us up to new choices.

New choices manifest new actions and more new choices "appear." This is an expanding or  upward spiral, this is freedom.

It is time to recognize that we as the user of tools, should not be the pawn of the toolmakers-no matter how high tech the bluff. We can overcome our walls and boundaries, once we see through them.

We are capable. We are powerful. When we align our power, our vital energy to whole of wellbeing, connect to love and drop the reins of fear..i believe we will see the dawn of that new day.

After all- we are born of stars and are filled with the same amazing energy as the stars.

The  “Blue Stars” in fabric, photo picture above were inspired by  the enigmatic relationship between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. (Just Kids)  What if co creative tension supports a next paradigm dynamic. One where chaos and confusion, a love/fear  balance sparks imaginal cells in a space where true equals balance between love and fear? 

Later Gator.....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Trails

 Hand painted, beaded, sequined and embroidered 
Cowboy n Can can skrt detail

Yesterday, my Cowboy n Can Can skirt left in the tattooed arms of a happy excited young woman.This is the stuff of joy. She and her friend both got it -the skirt and the aesthetics.

While i m at it, thanks and kudos to the patient young man and the quixotic eared, charming pit bull who waited on the porch. He pitched in with some funds when the women came up a bit short. I suspect great mutuality here, the share and movement of resources that speaks to the next ideal.

I feel so good about people  at these times and know we will make it through this irresponsible old quack paradigm. The wings are beginning to flutter.

While discussing fit and other measuring things we had a nice chat about the myths of western culture, especially those phallic obsessed Greeks and the dissing of the feminine. She -of the skirt- pointed me to the story of Zuess's  birth and the destruction of the original feminine  i suspect it relates to the "early tapes" that Carl Jung alludes to in the Fear of the Great Mother. I love putting these pieces together, seeing how they fit and why knowing it will free us from their tangled chains.

This is all heady stuff, moving towards this co-creative future, where no one gender needs to lord it over, manipulate or fear the "other." All power plays are fear activated no..? So feeling this "next' validated helps me stay on the path. Ha, like a pinball wizard, i see things light up when the ideas  hit the right spots.

As this moving sale aligns with the reFashion Hub project, i get to easily segue and promote the newest phase of fashionRIP Project. Teachers, wanna be sewers, general good will huggers and interested "do something whens" are rolling in, changing tides.

The healing is on.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Letting Go

 Indoor "Moving Sale" as Social Activism

Selling most everything i own is a strange experience, one that is really teaching me about my own gullible response to those market voices. I am sorting out all the things that i once thought valuable and am realizing again and again, how value is relative, how taste and market value changes and why that is and was a silly way to "spend" so much time aka energy. What was i thinking when i bought that dress or made that jacket to wear it once or twice and then let it hang there in a closet for years.

The up side is that my custom garb and the vintage collection i built has a kind of ongoing appeal that can nimbly by pass the "trend" at least somewhat.

At the same time i am hoping others will love, buy and take home this array of items,  wear these garments and help me make space for a new path in life. So what is that in an ethical format?

Once again i meet the infamous juxtapose, yes; for as i am passing these items forward, i am keeping a bit of fast fashion at bay. I am also getting to talk a lot about the ReFashion Hub and how we can re imagine the meanings of value and redefine who we are as a people and thus re-arrange the values of the culture and SOS before we totally singe our wings.

I am getting ever more aware as to how the  mainstream media continues to influence the population in both the subtle (Antique Roadshow) and obvious ( _____makes your life FUN) which has me wondering why these forces cannot be turned to face the oncoming train wreck humanity has created?  At what length of self dupe will we as a species go to "save face?"  When we could simply derail the mindset that is setting up this greatest of crashes and leap that fate!

Like what is tat old think win?? I do not understand the inability to say oops? It must hold a fear for "power" which then says our leaders of fate are not equipped for the roles they have.  If that is the case, then that means, by golly;  it is truly up to each and every one of us to take the time to reflect and review what it is we are thinking, doing and believing. It is time to drop the tether that power contrives, forgive the ignorance, fear and pettiness and reconfigure the path.  A little contemplative, deconstructing of the facade will do us all wonders & then we just might be that kind of wonderful!~

OK i get told how every generation had its big "issue" and we are still here on this Earth, but that falls into the "we are eating this processed faux food and we are still alive"  category and all the other justification responses that people like to toss out and yes, what we have is a result of what we believed to be true and ya da da.

I am not impressed with this, I am annoyed that the media and the technology we have is used more often to continue the crazy economic led nonsense we are pushed to enable, then it is to invigorate the changes we really need. For we need to better understand the whole of  connected beingness, the interrelated natural systems and how the flow of energy impacts consciousness and...For it is here that our true wealth and inheritance abides. 

Today, as i see Seattle being bulldozed to empower urban density with its faux sustainable and green living projects aka the "new" tenements for a "million new neighbors." (thnxs SoundTransit for that set up to manifest) I ask why crows are more agressive, why no bugs run from uplifted stones, why i haven't seen a grasshopper in years?

Why are people being jived to build rain gardens to offset the concrete and keep some toxic runoff from Puget Sound? ( A body of water already polluted)  Yeah, that'll do it.. Really?  Do these people just not speak to each other or what?

So i am not so very impressed. I am thinking we can and must do better than this (Dr Suess) I am thinking if Mother Trees can send healing nutrients to other species , even a valley away and if the 4th generation of Monarch Butterfly can live 9 times longer than the previous 3, then as human conscious so called "intelligent " beings...we can do a lot better than we are and have done up until now.

I think we can believe we can do better and then we will, that is just applied quantum physics. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A de-Folk- life 2014

Photos from  the streets the "to and fro " felt livelier than the legit stuff at the fest!

This year, Folklife felt like  a sad desperate thing....weirdly disjointed, desperate, a creative wasteland trying very hard to please....who, what and why?

The more people become dependent on the big, the few and the corporate, with ever more a focus on selling to the masses, the more diversity is drained, seen as unnecessary. This equates with ill health in ecosystems.

Since people are ecosystems, other bodies live in and on us, (microbes) We are social bodies all around.

This makes humans part of a wholistic cycle of give and take, which equates to a regenerative system one we all should learn to respect.

We are not really those singular, overly competitive, shallow, seduced and used tools and twits we appear to be in the eyes of the "market." We can rise above this delusional state and face our errors and challenges.

This is the braver new world  (The Journey to the Center of Being, working title for a new story) and it will take a new kind of courage- the courage to heal, to LOVE and LIVE as never before. It is evolutionary my dear!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Trees and Robot Bees

Be aware, be awake and start talking. Your real time, 3 d efforts are required!
The above photo is of my fave Mother Tree..i noticed her and her male consort several years ago..I visit them to add natural ritual to my life.  (try it -for fun)
On this Mother's Day, i honor the vital energy of natural forces beyond our real control. Despite planned parenthood, ultrasound, caesarians and all that we have learned life to another human being has an energy of its own.

I remember at a certain point in my pregnancy where i experienced an allowance, a letting go of "control" a time of faith where i handed off some of the "action" to Gaiad (God and Nature together again(?) By accepting the pregnancy i accepted a host of changes.

Watching my womb expand, stretching the skin across my abdomen , feeling the kicks and ripples. being.halfway thrilled, halfway appalled -this went way beyond the baby maker's manuals of the day.

This experience left me with a visceral sense of life. I believe women and chaos have an understanding that no man will understand in quite the same way. For in the chaos of body that allows for new life there is another reality, a meaning that is intricate and sublime and way beyond reason and rational thinking.

Yes, continence of the species is in the background tapes but beyond that is a co-creative vibrancy that resonates throughout the uni-verse. In this aspect all human creativity becomes manifest, a part of the renewing process..

It is in this sweet acceptance of "chaos" where the creative, imaginal cells thrive and is where we too, come alive.  Therefore, it is in all of our best interests to pay attention, to waken from the prior collective delusional  dream of domination and embrace the potential of the "open"  It is time to have faith in the process, in our own hearts and our own minds; as we reach toward love, this time without all the trappings that make it "safe" and "not" love. That plan has backfired...big time!

Learning to pay attention to the intricate web of the life that surrounds and supports us..that which truly enables our existence...this is the new adventure.This is where we will find new hope and experience he actualization of our new stories.

Our primal fears of the forest in those days of yore have met up with todays better understandings however we are now dealing with a huge gap we need to leap. In our search for survival, independence and "security" we thought we could do it with a conquer, dominate and control strategy. We pitted our abilities against the forces of Nature. Now we are starting to realize how wrong minded that vision and those actions were and are.s. Now we can choose  wiser course, a course that aligns with the Natural world.

We can choose to learn from Mother Tress,  nature's water systems, our psychology of fear and scarcity, our innate curiosity and imagination,  our connection to the whole of life and what that really means now..we can choose to accept the responsibility of consciousness and action. We are ready.

It is time to reconsider, re-value and re-imagine our existence to allow us to become more fully into our human beingness This is not the time to shrink into mechanistic patterns that project the past onto the future nor is it time for spiritual ascension , the isolated updrawl into communing with spirit stuff. Please ...that is throwing out the baby and the bathwater..that time is passe... I believe God/Gaia believes we can do more-and  is rooting for us..we are LOVED

!The trigger for today's post was from a blog response on dandelions that pointed me to a video on robotics.

Robot bees will not really "replace"  living insects just as faux chemical vitamins are not as the natural delivery systems nature has designed and as such may be of little or no use...we are past the dawn of the scientific breakthrough shazaam! ...the looky what i did!! childhood of our curiosities.

We are maturing into fully enabled human beings, ready to accept the responsibility and grace of a maturing species, a species that sees where it fits into the larger puzzle of the whole of life, ..and this is what will generate the new stories; stories that will heal us and allow us to enter the fiery heart of LOVE to heal and live as new.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heart and Circulation

  Park Pop Up installation, 5 2 2014

Recent Earth Day documentaries on Pivot  (their April month of  specials, really deserves a mention) had me thinking again how our bodies are patterns of organic constructs found in other works of Nature, similar patterns throughout systems with change, adaptive qualities..this is rich.

I loved doing the water systems recycouture exhibit of 2012. This is where a woman  spoke to me of our being in co-evolution with plants, animals et al and how this coevolving sustained us. Plants use energy we cannot and as humans when we consume plants we are actually releasing the vital nutrients that were made available during the photosynthesizing process. How cool is this?

But in our anthropomorphic delusions, we altered systems to support our species. This is a huge Plus & Minus topic as we crashed around all ignorant and arrogant and yet managed to survive -so now we can observe what our ignorance and arrogance has created- the irony is sweet. The solutions are available, the beliefs correctable and the new stories are being written.

The satin heart construct with painting of wooded stream that meanders from an open horizon to let in the light, the energy of consciousness. The painting becomes 3 d as it escapes with a tulle river to become an expression of confluence, flow and bio mimicry.. a metaphor of how we connect to the whole of being, in multi mediums.

 I appreciate how beautifully our veins and arteries circulate blood and how this vital fluid transports nutrients through our bodies, much as rivers and streams have been transporting nutrients throughout our planet's ecosystems.  This creates the necessary regenerative flow that enhances life and supports evolution which supports our material beingness which enables consciousness..that is beyond amazing! For without consciousness what really "exists?"

This metaphor goes further as humans and other species store toxic wastes as well, often in fat.  New blood flow systems are generated to support these sites that contain the things bodies cannot flush or utilize.

Land fills, toxic waste and soil seepage ......environment out "there" and in "here."

Rivers transport goods and generate services created by humans and yet we block, control reroute them as we believe we need to do so in order to boost our energy; all the while depleting another kind of energy elsewhere.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party with delusions of the infinite table, where guests and hosts just moved down when a mess was made. I think Lewis Carrol was writing of more than than an event in a children's book. We as a species see the end of the table and we know not what to do except continue an ancient pattern that regenerates more problems. This is the mainstream level of flow and why the alternative paths are so very important, to stray is to solve that which cannot be solved with the thinking that created it (Einsteins best) .

So in this mess we are facing ...a simple oops and let us sincerely do better would help us all to heal. However most humans  are apparently transfixed by their own toxic brains, held in the black magic spells of that old story.

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the pills your mother gives you..." (Jefferson Airplane) actually may show up as damage later! 

We are all here to participate in the now story. Every day we make choices that contribute to the Love or the Fear in that story.

Those willing to face the fear, see the shadow and the damage need to explore the new path, write the new stories. For if we do not face fear- we run or fight, both acts just get us ever deeper into the shadow.

New stories can turn the whole planet direction around.

Artists activate your tools and utilize them well, for it is in the creative mind that our resources can expand. (The Quantum Activist- A Goswami can further this concept, that book brought it home to me!)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It is Another World

When you start seeing the world differently the world you see changes.

 I now see God, Gaiad, the Uni-verse in Everything.

One Love may be the best term to describe this interrelated, dynamic, spiritual, physical, dance that is playing everywhere, always.

We are never alone, the whole of the possible infinite is guiding our journeys..soul connections..form and reform..this is the unfolding.

The energy of the whole bubbles in the immune system of the planet as it wakens in the heads and hearts of the many who are challenging the old ways. (Paul Hawkens, Blessed Unrest) People the world over are rising up to speak truth to the old power.

(Trapped in a state of arrested development it believes itself to be always developing aka growth and progress paradigm..that is the juxtapose of shadow and light- later!)

The spirit survives in the words and ways Jesus chose to inform people that they were connected to God, that they mattered, that they were loved equally. (the spirit of Easter, renewal and revival, resurrection..all are healing terms)

This is the same spirit that is aligned with nature, evolution and the joy of being. Consciousness and vital energy need each other...the dance appreciates as it realizes its own becoming.

This is not a fantasy, the fantasy was in thinking we were contained by the ego. But now we can see past the emergence, past the individuation process, past the reflective social we can intentionally move into the power of grace.

We are not alone. God, the whole of consciousness, the whole of vital energy is urging us to tell our new stories.  We are creative expressions, we are painters and poets, musicians and movers, writers and do-ers..It is Time.

OK it feels like a set up, a fiction piece.. "There they were, on the brink of disaster when the hero picks up a mighty Daisey and the world stops smashing awaits the..."

Anyway i reiterate that we are creative expressions of the Creator (works even in a DNA formula that just like happened..i am not out to fixate on an idea, just trying to make sense of available info..facts and feelings)

So it is time to create the world we want and stop running from the monster, stop fighting our shadows, stop imagining the bogeyman. There are things to deal with, much we do not understand and much to shake us up..however we also know that when we ask love to guide us, when we intentionally seek to find the god in everything...we see the world as new and that is a very good beginning.

Experiment with the light, for we have been in the dark a bit too long!

NOTE: i realize bringing in religious matter is tricky. Religions are part of the problem,; anything prepackaged for consumption is full of weird and unhealthy attributes, because convenience has a price.

Sorting out the plus/minus and neutral isn't easy, but when a majority are conditioned to believe in the "package" it becomes a matter of communication and audience. Gaiad is in everything.

My quest these days is to meet it "where it lives" " for that place is sacred, that is where the authentic heart, the deep soul, the energy of the being dwells. Like Avalon and Atlantis we harbor the mystic...because that ancient intuitive voice still resonates...because we get it...deep inside where the propaganda can't reach- we know we are more than the package allows.

Head trip!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

True Gift Culture - ReFashion Rising

water color renditions of garment upcycles

True Gift Culture is now the umbrella name for the ReFashion Hub. This enterprise is now in gestation but birth is imminent.

(Seeking interested everyones. This is way beyond the clothes and will butt heads with multiple false beliefs and the systems built in their honor. Artists, students, poets, writers, crafters, healers, organizers, promoters, it takes a village to raise a child or fly a phoenix)

This morning, Charlie Rose had a segment about the gift economy. This was good to see as PBS is mainstreamish now, with Nova  produced by David Koch and the NewsHour with it’s  iffy sponsors. (The noise in the background is justification, it is everywhere, ignore it)

A few years ago, I wrote about the essay, Money and the Divine Masculine after seeing Charles Eisenstein’s video from his book, Sacred Economies. I was inspired and heartened. After all the bad news about banking cartels and the economic Gigantor complex, this voice from the wild web was a perfect gift, right in time. (Uni-verse appears to like a good game of faith and woes) 

So YES!  we shall overcome all the fear based, psychologically wounding and ecosystems damaging thinking that is pushing the world madly towards a precipice it won’t recognize for what it really is; a systemic failure.  The ignorance of false beliefs at the core cannot be bandaged by intelligent dressings on the surface. Eventually the disease is onerous and gets enough attention that we “see” it. That time is now…and now  and now.

And no sweetie, this isn’t an opportunity for more control, domination, more symptom cures or more faulty sustainability programs. No m’dear-that rumble in the streets is a wake up scream and people are responding.  We are human beings and we can do better and we will. Let us all help each other and we will all heal from the insanity we inherited.  Our childhood tapes need to be faced, which will help us understand why we got here and how to proceed. We know this stuff! We just put most of our attentions elsewhere.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Makers Faire at EMP

I have been working in the background.

Writing drafts, starting a lexicon of new words for new stories and gathering a group of like minded people who are more than ready to take on a large, multi layered project.

Working title: ReFashion Hub

This Sunday I will be joining the terrific cast of Sew Up Seattle at a booth in the Mini Mekers Faire which in turn is part of the  "Seattle Tool Libraries and Fixers Collective" at EMP.

EMP is the self proclaimed 

"leading-edge, nonprofit
museum, dedicated to the ideas
and risk-taking that fuel
contemporary popular culture."

I have a personal intern (not) story about a summer i ended up volunteering for the Museum warehouse, with a prior expectation of credits that did not manifest as discussed. I hope this flaw has been mended. On the upside, i got to work with an amazing high res camera and see bands and old friends resurfacing in posters and memorabilia. 

Oh yes and a Refuzor story.....later.

So, I am looking forward to this event in many ways.

Volunteering with Sew Up Seattle is righteous! Doing it at EMP, ironic. In a group of Fixers-sublime.

Ideas and Risk -Taking that fuel pop culture -how sweet the dare.

The risk is in the not taking and the pop is about to explode (fireworks).

The Olde Timey Takers Paradigm is in need of new, fresh stories, as saving face and justifications can not prevail, much longer.  The wholesale ignorance of former beliefs is ragging up  exposed surfaces, the foul bits need discarding, the healthy remnants need reclaiming.  We are showing up to heal and reSet the course.

ReFashion can be all this.  In the new hub it will.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

reDress for Revelations

yield to love 
photo op provided 
by local anon artist and the dept of transportation.

Transparency and Livelihood pages from the Sustainable Fashion Handbook, by Sandy Black

The other night, my friend and i got into a biblical discussion. This happens when you are playing around with ideas, myths, stories and beliefs. Keeping an open mind, not judging and the like is not as easy as it sounds..and really at the end of the day, I find i judge -not person, but content; else how do i respond or act on information?

Like the Adam and Eve thing. I was taught the whole story with Eve the Clone Woman as the garden scapegoat that got Adam the Tattler and herself - kicked out of the garden of Eden. (my later date edits) In that story i came away with concepts of nakedness, guilt and shame. This intro to sin 101 has been used to rule a lot of people for a very long time. I am not saying all rules are "bad" just saying that those who could make the rules-did so, and that means bias. (ref at bottom of entry)

Then, fairly recently, a fresh nuance leaped out. The word "naked" as in "they saw they were naked"-implies vulnerability. Conscious vulnerability is huge...and fear is its nemesis.

So now i see that the version of the story i was told, fit splendidly into what was already a patriarchal construct designed for protection and group collaboration in scary days of yore. The bias was, well "everybody knows" right?

Putting my head into the scene is all suppose-it but even so, to think of the predators and uncertainties; well what were people to do?  When life feels threatened, safety and security looks good. Those stepping up to defend and protect were classic heroes.

So i am thinking, what started as good intent, just grew beyond its real need but because so many years of choosing to flee or fight made it the probable choice, it like had to be sustained (Laws of Probability QP) Therefore it grew and became its own "entity a system" which then started defending its right to exist. This is a bio mimicry whack thing,  but there it is.

As ego was also emerging and evolving at this time and the individuating process was set into motion; it is easy to see how the biggest egos started running the tribes. They in turn formed those "we are so cool"  leadership cliques who set the rules. This also accounts for the "rewards" of leadership, because power had to continue to exert itself, strut, look big, scary et al in order to deter rivals  From masks, to war paint and mighty artillery intimidation devices, the past has influenced the present.

Therefore when the stories that became the Bible, were collected, there were a lot of accepted knowns. And according to Mark Twain, and many examples concur, "
it’s not what you don’t know, but what you know for sure that gets you into trouble."
(Thnx Wayne Dyer for pulling this quote in his latest
PBS special, "I Can See Clearly Now.")

So it's the translation and the bias that "everybody knows" that has colored our world  and this is what is now being questioned. The voice of authority is no longer enough, it’s content , not just context.

The collective curiosity is asking why, who, what when and where. The answer arrives at the level of the question. This keeps unfolding the path of life’s journeys New information elicits new paths of thinking this fuels  imagination and boosts creativity. This is what evolutionary, radical change looks like- it is ongoing,  as thoughts and actions continue to explore life.

Our conversation ended with Revelations and the whole Armageddon thing which i was taking as a story of what is in store if we don't wake up and change the patterns. My friend saw it as more prophetic and literal. We are both right.

Nature's gracious natural abilities to endure trauma and restore diverse abundance continues being defiled by the ignorance of beliefs set into motion ages ago.  These beliefs are connected to the construct of tradition, heritage, education, religion, money and economics.  "Grow up, me kiddies, planet "time" is getting short." 

But because a western majority has relied on this level of thinking, these beliefs, we are having a hard time  leaping out of this madness” and instead, just keep digging in deeper.  Even as our human situation becomes ever more a story of having a tiger by the tail, our cognitive dissonance, our abilities to justify our actions, keeps many of us just  going around and around. I suspect this might be a remnant “  a classic expectation for an authority to step up and save us as, old habits die hard.  (Even as time and again it is the people who step up provoke the change, leadership falls back into old patterns et al)

Now the fear to let go is almost as bad as the fear of holding on. 

So Revelations is not a dire punishing, threatening, cataclysmic winnowing, because that doesn't align with god (gaiad, uni-verse, the one) being LOVE.  

Revelation means revealed, as in all is being revealed. Well Yes!! that is what's happening,
Manning, Snowden, the bank systems exposed for the institutions of debt they have become, the edits of history queried and unwoven, the whole hierarchical construct is looking shabby and not chic, and technology has opened our ability to see, hear and understand more than ever before. Many see that we can align with the Great Mother and the Great Father, see that they are entwined, are as one. Nature and consciousness witnessed by life and transformed by choices that collapse energy waves into particles; this range of possibilities is as infinite, and so it is. This is what we are awakening to understand, we are more, life is more, God is more.

So, Revelations is not a death sentence but a waking up from who we thought we were, to align with who we can be.. a new beginning.

In the new beginning...there were many new stories. They were shared amongst the people, and helped them learn to see and act in harmony with the laws of the uni-verse. This is how the people healed the planet, themselves and all of life rejoiced.

And it was done in the very nick of time, because all good stories thrive on drama!!

PS In a new story, human potential, natural abundance,  energy and choices will align to rewire our systems.  Tools and tech will be utilized for understanding, learning and sharing. The idea of profit will grow, as wanting to contribute is a part of who we are. This will assure diversity as every beings potential is different. This matters because diversity is good for healthy ecosystems and imaginations. We need, want thrive and soar with both, they are entwined.


FROM Bible Hub 

Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

But plot shifts after the forbidden fruit and shame is inferred.

 Genesis 3.7  Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths
Posted by deborah at 7:45 AM 

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Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology at the Centre For Sustainable Fashion at LCF - See more at: