Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Give Me A Purpose, Any Purpose Will Do or Won't

Here are the steps to finding a life's purpose,  according to the Greater Good Science Center

.... six ways to overcome isolation and discover your purpose in life.
1.     Read. ...
2.     Turn hurts into healing for others. ...
3.     Cultivate awe, gratitude, and altruism. ...
4.     Listen to what other people appreciate about you. ...
5.     Find and build community. ...
6.     Tell your story.


Okay but as i saw the missing voice here, i responded.

Good article, but missing the shadow. This refers to relativity and the value of the chaos, the dark side, all about  pain and mortality itself. This is relativity, my dear. The new story seeks wholeness,  puts the big W into that which was called holy.

Humans made up a world based on matter and appearances, their senses and their dreams They invented useful tools like arrows and numbers. People became ever more valued for their skills and roles, ideas and talents. This went to the heads of some and that is where things got messier.  So ego built itself a great manifold on which to hang, a design that offered protection from itself and unseemly truths. Fast forward several thousands of years and this construct has remained though the faces and voices have shifted and changed. From Genghis Kahn to Wall Street, from Sumeria to the Outer Space, the patterns are significant and telling.

Along the way, one invention stands out. As most of the world has succumbed to the idea that what counts is something that is countable, usually in terms of wealth (which translates into money)  a couple convenient tools  has transformed into something else again. It has become as a Real Thing- part of the Real World.

However it is still merely a manmade symbolic device, a "legal note of exchange" meant to facilitate trade and economic flow.  So why behave as if seduced and mesmerized? I have some ideas, :-)

Suffice it to say that "we" have been groomed to revere that symbol, we has learned to accept it as a sign of success and worth. That is a problem on many levels. Seems we have enabledilt an empire of nonsense and apparently no one has the power or the courage to turn it around- yet.

And as institutions, media and all the kings men adapted to fit this  Reality, counting wealth became a purpose for many.  It was a way to focus, to avert pain in the short term and was applauded. Therefore it made sense in its own story.

That left out the seekers and healers, the artists and visionaries, until the "monetization of everything" was introduced. Feeding the Monster keeps  getting more difficult and as the sacrifices mount, the unease grows.

So what if we have a collective purpose to face the Monster, to own the consequences, all of them? We can untangle the threads of life so far and reweave a better story, a new construct. Simply put, the classic vision of reality needs a remake.