Sunday, March 28, 2010

how to dress for success

against the elusive, systemic, archaic infrastructure of Jabberwocky (see prior post)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice in Armor

Alice in Wonderland retold by the Tim Burton team might be the myth of the feminine odyssey i was waiting for. Depp's beautiful Mad Hatter plays the heroic second that stands by Alice as she chooses to believe in the better possibility and accepts her mission to free Wonderland from its domination of fear by the Red Queen (ironically of Hearts). Notice Depp's eyes when Alice is finally the right size, i have seen that look before but it was denied. Too sad! But bravo JD for having the courage to reveal a broad spectrum of the male psyche.

Maybe being off synch is what challenged their growth. Maybe E-harmony type relationships are brain numbing, comfortable affairs that squash the full potential of everyone. Maybe there is a balance that will be achieved in Alice part 2. Maybe its just a fairy tale and i am thinking too much.

The Jabberwocky could be the manifestation of old fear/power/greed activated cultures and if so, the sooner it is beheaded the better. Now its time to raise a critical mass into the co-creative mindset that will nurture the evolution.

we can all be heroes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tee Shirts Wanted

Well i decided to try to do a reFashion line.

Tons of tees are made, shipped, sold, donated or recycled and sometimes shipped back from whence they came. All transport and production processes add to carbon atmospheric od, dyes are often chemically odious and disrupting some of this for secondary local use makes good sense.

If you have any tee shirts that are ready to go away, please send them my way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Week Food Xtra

Seattle is making me sick! Well its subtle but i felt better in London even though i was stressed out. How could this be?

I had the book Death by Supermarket in the house for a class project research on obesity. I read it after the London trip.

On PBS 5-6 are doctors pitching corrective, yet contradictory diets. What is that about? Wouldn't good nutrition stave off the need for corrections? Are the cumulative effects of factory foods and pharma company symptom relievers colliding and forming unhealthy storms in our bodies?

Adding it up and stirring in some common sense; I think we are being poisoned by bad food and chemical additives mixed up with tunnel visioned science and economic interests. What a stupid agenda! I am frightened by the disregard and mad at the disrespect, corporations and their government sidekicks have for life -yours, mine, other species -all of it! It is not only disgusting but eventually suicidal.....

Fluoride (toxic multi mini doses add up) in Seattle water - even though we now know it only provides a minimal offset in tooth decay is another possible suspect.

More details at fashion ethos.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rapa Nui

Tube Stop
one way to Somerset House -the hub of London FashionWeek and
the other way to lessons fout of the past. But because they are written in relics
we don't get it or something!!!

Overexploitation of resources or Euro trade and disease....what ever devastated the population of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is debated but we do know it crashed. Meeting up with this statue by chance was not a coincidence. As to the why and what i do not know yet but will when i need to. It is definitiely a script -i just don't know how to tell the story without being boring obvious.

Just noticed the cartoon sign....hmmm

Saturday, March 6, 2010

tees reDux

early spring in Seattle is lovely despite its climatic consequences
fashion graffiti.....
i am not big on Tees with the graphic smack on center front ...but love how this skirt worked up.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Choosing Death

Steve McQueen suicide....London
please see the tribute on his website..... what was he trying to say and why was this the way he chose to say it?

we are a messed up culture.........