Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice in Armor

Alice in Wonderland retold by the Tim Burton team might be the myth of the feminine odyssey i was waiting for. Depp's beautiful Mad Hatter plays the heroic second that stands by Alice as she chooses to believe in the better possibility and accepts her mission to free Wonderland from its domination of fear by the Red Queen (ironically of Hearts). Notice Depp's eyes when Alice is finally the right size, i have seen that look before but it was denied. Too sad! But bravo JD for having the courage to reveal a broad spectrum of the male psyche.

Maybe being off synch is what challenged their growth. Maybe E-harmony type relationships are brain numbing, comfortable affairs that squash the full potential of everyone. Maybe there is a balance that will be achieved in Alice part 2. Maybe its just a fairy tale and i am thinking too much.

The Jabberwocky could be the manifestation of old fear/power/greed activated cultures and if so, the sooner it is beheaded the better. Now its time to raise a critical mass into the co-creative mindset that will nurture the evolution.

we can all be heroes.

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