Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Week Food Xtra

Seattle is making me sick! Well its subtle but i felt better in London even though i was stressed out. How could this be?

I had the book Death by Supermarket in the house for a class project research on obesity. I read it after the London trip.

On PBS 5-6 are doctors pitching corrective, yet contradictory diets. What is that about? Wouldn't good nutrition stave off the need for corrections? Are the cumulative effects of factory foods and pharma company symptom relievers colliding and forming unhealthy storms in our bodies?

Adding it up and stirring in some common sense; I think we are being poisoned by bad food and chemical additives mixed up with tunnel visioned science and economic interests. What a stupid agenda! I am frightened by the disregard and mad at the disrespect, corporations and their government sidekicks have for life -yours, mine, other species -all of it! It is not only disgusting but eventually suicidal.....

Fluoride (toxic multi mini doses add up) in Seattle water - even though we now know it only provides a minimal offset in tooth decay is another possible suspect.

More details at fashion ethos.

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