Friday, September 30, 2011

Speak up Stand up

Look! it is all around - subtle and discreet on the sidelines, playing softly in the background the truth is breaking through all the distractions. Watch the info sprawl, the action that follows. The people's media & arts uprising of 2012 will be, will you?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Equinox 2011

Donna Lough: Sphinx
Paint on wood

DJB multiple mediums
reused, re-purposed fabrics and garments,

The fashionRIP Project art show is winding up today. This has been a great, informative and successful experience. (Sales not high but 7x the galleries previous record, so doing a lot right) However the real value of this event is in the relationships formed, the co-operative trump of the competition script and the general, uplifting applause for our work's scope, courage and attractiveness.

I have a bevy of comments and supportive reviews in my head and on paper; like spirit guides prompting me onward, i think this is how the path finds me and i find it. First take the educated, heartfelt risk, then seek the answer, no nets, no insurance and no boring, killer, comfort zones.

OK, a small oasis in between is bliss but it's funny how allergic one can get to staticity once one feels the zing of living "out loud." (E Zola)

With a resounding, exuberant Yes to the Universe, our first official meeting for next year's super gig is planned for the end of October. I will be contacting all "starred" people in the guest book and thank you! We can and will do better than this old Skool drive off the cliff.

The "biz as usual but more so" and the worse "just do it green" scenarios are all that fusty old paradigm has going for it. That is most unmindful and ignorant (as in read books, posts & articles on ecology, food, health, religion, watch Nova, Inside Job, search for truth, everywhere. It is obvious something is rotten and that something is a set of untrue beliefs. Forgive, let them go and move towards the light, it actually responds)

The "Species on the Verge & Other Works w/POV" was compared at least 2 times to Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" and my installation reminded a recent NYC MoMA visitor of the Alexander McQueen exhibit; mine was on par and or better than some of the 'scenes" in the museum. OK that is heady and braggadocio, but as the fashionRIP message is beyond fashion reDux, beyond visual appeal, way beyond "me" to a deep appeal for sanity in the real world, i am breathing it in and using the energy to buoy the water chapter.

With trust and gratitude, happy Equinox and namaste, the world is still a beautiful place.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Cat crochets

Donna Lough:

Bastet, Egyptian Cat Goddess

Avery Milieu: milliner extraordinaire

djb: quilt

Edith Faste: paper, glass, wire ( reuse and slump)

djb: Altered book

Page Day: illustrations in ink

djb: fabric paper, ink markers, beads

Avery at sign detail

Avery Milieu: hats on show,
reblocked, vintage findings and hand dyed plumes

Gretchen:prints and sumi cats (Page D's)

djb: subculture Joe and the fabricators, u mattered!
early temp placing of stitch-istrations

Gretchen: mono prints

8 women on a sustainable mission co-op art show at the Kerf International gallery in the Wallingford Center
A fashionRIP Project act of evolution!

more is more

Diane Baxter: Inuit inspired "finger fan"
to tell the women's stories 'large"
NW native materials

djb: Subculture Joe, homage & requiem

Cat M Condeff : print from original illustration

djb: symbol skirts,
Rachel Carson, Tree of Life, Urban wildlife, Phoenix

djb: tee shirt redux
painted, reverse applique, sequin, tulle

AveryMilieu: Clockwork Crow

Avery M: peacock feathered dream hat

Catherine M C: real leaves and glitter paint,
road kill paper weights

Species on the Verge w/POV

Posted photos of the shows first few days on Facebook. It is going well, very well in so many ways. Better than i ever could have designed top down , control as many points as possible, old style way.

This new minimal framing, dance it with the universe style is once again bringing more than i ever could imagine. Things , people show up when needed, before i knew they were even needed. This is the reality we share.

The balance is where the research and education come in, or maybe that just builds the courage to take that step out on the limb, to spread those wings and jump.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ch ch changes

This is the latest flyer as the closing date is now Sept 23rd, Tin tin was booked for the 26th- unbeknown to us. Voila, we are ousted by a cartoon, now that is an American Distractions giggle.

Ok so much is going on in the real world. If you are visiting this blog and it is the 7th - please pop by and see us during Art Walk 5-8.

Art and living art has superseded my own posts. Will have a dedicated page for the great Co-op Art Show of 9/11. That in itself speaks volumes as far as change, action and the new stories we are telling in this fantastic organic show. Playing the cards the universe deals is a rush, a delight and a dance that super managed events cannot come close to. We are proving co-operation, resource sharing and support works. We are creatures of a social nature that light up in this happy bounce of reflection. We are evolve worthy.