Monday, September 12, 2011


Cat crochets

Donna Lough:

Bastet, Egyptian Cat Goddess

Avery Milieu: milliner extraordinaire

djb: quilt

Edith Faste: paper, glass, wire ( reuse and slump)

djb: Altered book

Page Day: illustrations in ink

djb: fabric paper, ink markers, beads

Avery at sign detail

Avery Milieu: hats on show,
reblocked, vintage findings and hand dyed plumes

Gretchen:prints and sumi cats (Page D's)

djb: subculture Joe and the fabricators, u mattered!
early temp placing of stitch-istrations

Gretchen: mono prints

8 women on a sustainable mission co-op art show at the Kerf International gallery in the Wallingford Center
A fashionRIP Project act of evolution!

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