Monday, June 22, 2009

If Wishes were

Horses, i would be riding the black stallion i pretended to be when i was 8.

I am not sure what that means but my head is in the clouds one minute and freaking the next. Why?

I am speaking in the pro mode for the first time, in London, to start off the Eco Design Fair East opening night fashion show and party.

Now i was into lining up speaking presentation gigs for sustainable fashion but i had planned for a soft entry.

My plan was to start at Seattle Central Community College; a school i was familiar with and where i thought i would do an interactive lecture in order to get feedback, ideas and some polish.

The universe however has a better idea and this rather amazing and quite beautiful opportunity arrived instead. I must be ready for it, even though it feels a little like being pushed out of the nest.

I am leaving Thursday early a.m. and will post more from London if all works out with my new little Aspire netbook.
PS i am naming names because information comes from everywhere.....validity is another topic!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's the fashion!

fish with glamorous sequin scales

too cool rayon
Vintage fabrics have the greatest prints. The old rayon was fabulous, cool to the touch, great body and not ironing needy like the rayon revival fabrics of the 90's . What happened?

The 50s fish print on barkcloth is a closeup of a sundress that makes me think of the Pike St Market fish tossers and a trip to Arizona.

Vintage clothing should be cared for then passed along as is a most sustainable form of fashion....and retains value. That is important now as i am raising funds for the next part of the fashionRIP Project.

Anyone have a warehouse to give me? One that can be an experimental makeover for a sustainable work/live space. Hey talk to me! An experiment in an experiment, how fun is that!

Friday, June 5, 2009

wrap it up

i am made of plaster and so carefree
The video has been sent to Springfield, MA. for its audio track.

In the meantime i had to redo the entire project because when i made a rough cut dvd to go with a Final Cut Pro project -"Making of the Species on the Verge" - my Final Cut HD Express project was re-sized into a mini black boxed image and then that version was accidentally copied back to my portable hard drive.

In the "it happens" column of apparent crap, this is a good addition. However i made a new project with virgin clips and am almost back to where i was. The plus is that i am really learning the software, explored several possible solutions and am now cleaning up the timeline even more as i am less in love with it. i have gotten a bit jaded and need to back off!

Funny how emotions can play such a part in life; its too bad we are not as well versed in them as we are in technology. A by-product of our cultural focus i suspect.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

doors slam

photo from the # 7 bus
i had a few days of doubt and pain, wondering why i care so much about the issues being addressed directly and subtly by the fashionRIP Project. Why continue when i am not getting paid, when few understand and when the fog of ignorant bliss can be so thick?

fashionRIP started with the dresses and as a comment on the unsustainable (and full of bad habits) fashion and textile industry. Since then theRIP has grown into its present form of expression. It is an elaborate communication, striving to tell the story of present truths and dispell the delusions that cultures struggle under because their concepts are familiar and "owned" rather than seen for their temporay quality. Why is that?

How do really good, well minded, intelligent people fail to see this prison? The cultural brainwash is a big carrier of these diseased concepts and though it constantly shifts to absorb new ideas (after the wall of denial crumbles so much that it must!) it appears to me as a huge collection of distortions based on a violent childhood (early history is full of bloody gore).

If we can accept that we are bruised, forgive the past for its ignorance and shift our energy and action into the direction we really want to go.....we have already started the journey!