Tuesday, June 2, 2009

doors slam

photo from the # 7 bus
i had a few days of doubt and pain, wondering why i care so much about the issues being addressed directly and subtly by the fashionRIP Project. Why continue when i am not getting paid, when few understand and when the fog of ignorant bliss can be so thick?

fashionRIP started with the dresses and as a comment on the unsustainable (and full of bad habits) fashion and textile industry. Since then theRIP has grown into its present form of expression. It is an elaborate communication, striving to tell the story of present truths and dispell the delusions that cultures struggle under because their concepts are familiar and "owned" rather than seen for their temporay quality. Why is that?

How do really good, well minded, intelligent people fail to see this prison? The cultural brainwash is a big carrier of these diseased concepts and though it constantly shifts to absorb new ideas (after the wall of denial crumbles so much that it must!) it appears to me as a huge collection of distortions based on a violent childhood (early history is full of bloody gore).

If we can accept that we are bruised, forgive the past for its ignorance and shift our energy and action into the direction we really want to go.....we have already started the journey!

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