Saturday, May 30, 2009

credit revolution

9/11 memorial art wall under Barneys ad

Before fashionRIP was a project it was a blog for a class at NSCC.

I decided to address issues around fast fashion and how textile production took its toll on the environment, etc. My other big issue at the time was with artists and creative sustainability, as i had noticed how industries gobbled up creatives, used them and then went on. Okay, there was compensation for some of them but the big money was shuffled into the corporate structure and that was considered "how business works".

I noticed in middle school how the fashion industry would take the ideas from the street and plop their labels on...okay, with a few adjustments designed for the broader appeal. Yves St Laurent was the first one that caught my attention as he remade the hippie look into bohemian style.

Getting and building on ideas is a good thing but somehow i think giving the credit back to the street origins when deserving is necessary and important for the development of healthy systems. It only makes sense to embrace the whole.

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