Friday, November 28, 2014

Science is Golden

 Fabric transfer, feather, embroidery sticks and beads  collage, sold in August 2014

My brother is a funny, warm, intelligent and wonderful man. I love my family. 

However i feel like an alien these days. I am calling this the price of trail blazing, as i come from a somewhat audacious family, i might as well frame myself heroically!

Awhile back i felt hurt and frustrated when trying to talk to my family about issues that question mainstream dogma.  I suffered some minor damages, so listened to advice and learned to bite my tongue.  Feedback told me  things like "i agree with what you say but dislike the way you say it"  that i was too loud, too shrill, too persistent, I am paraphrasing this as being too  "unfeminine." 

Being damned by the invisible rules of socialized discourse, rules no one i knew ever voted on, or otherwise chose, are as an invisible wall that protects Status Quo.  Since status quo is a form of stagnation and this defies the laws of flow, of nature, of energy and life in the process of ever evolving- i just have to stand up  and say "what i want to know is,... what the hell is going on?" (My 4 year old niece made  this phrase a family gem, 1980's citation )  

But i love my family and don't want to be ostracized from the little bit of tribal bonding i have left. In a world seeking individualization, an array of life choices and organized by divisive measures, i am guessing this resonates with many others as well. 

So for quite awhile now,  i have avoided much of anything controversial on the home gathering front. This might have forced me to seek more receptive outlets.  The "Species on the Verge," "Retail Therapy Redux" videos and " FashionRIP" and "Water the Flow" installations at the Kerf Art Gallery might be a part of that result. (my resolute subconscious guide?)

Since this unfolding process picked up speed with the "Journey to the Center of Being" script that started to inform my life as life influenced (and still does) the story,  i cannot separate myself into the parts and roles i once understood to be as "me."

With the deconstructing of myths, those of self and culture,  i realized how insidious some of the most normal, passive, benign appearing actions, memes, stories are as they inform beliefs. When i pulled up to look at the shadow and found the wilde woman of "she who was banished" so very long ago, answers started spilling out. Pandora's lids are lifting higher,  her veils are coming off.

The hearth of family must come back into the story. I hope i have learned enough to address things with compassion, love and what wisdom i have gathered. This experiment must continue, i cannot stop what inspires and intrigues me more than anything i was ever taught to believe to exist, perhaps it is living the "i am?"  I do not know more than i know.

So yesterday, after a rocky beginning, the holiday ended with several "embrace the emotion, own the love, the pain, the whole of life"  moments...and it was beautiful. It was an evening of laughter, memories and overflowing love for all of the "us" we have become, those in body and in spirit, the all. 

If we cannot show the people we love the most who we really are, then who do we dare show?

And now - for the bro of the intro, as a thank you for pushing my buttons and forcing my attention, i give you the scientific method,  the modern sacred rule of reality, the dominator of  the factual.

hey ho let's go:
I go outside and a crow shits on my head. Damn

The next day I go outside,  but this time I wear a hat.  No crow shits on me. I go outside several hundred more times and no crow shits on me. I call my friend and tell nim that when I wear a hat no crow shits on me. My friend repeats this fact to his friends. Now everyone in the neighborhood wears hats.

I go outside wearing the hat, the crow shits on my hat. The next day I go outside, no shit. I repeat this several hundred times and am never shit on again. I deduce that the first incident was an anomaly and throw it out of the data pool. This means that no crow ever shit on my hat. I could not repeat the incident, it is not a fact. Since it isn't a fact i do not tell my friend that hat wearing does not stop crows from shitting.

I go outside, a crow shits on the head of a person walking near the bus stop.  (Hat wearing had gone out of vogue as fashion speaks louder than practicalities)  The next few hundred days I go outside walk all over and no crows shit on anyone's head within my broad range spectrum of subjects.  I realize once again that the first incident was an anomaly and throw it out of the data pool.  But since i had broadened my experiment to include a wide array of situations i now extrapolate the facts to cover the "commons." I repeat the walk from the bus stop to the park over and over and neither i or anyone  i see, is ever shit on by any crow what so ever.  I deduce that no one is ever shit on by crows. I publish this data.

I go outside, a crow shits on my head. I know this isn’t true because I read that crows do not shit on people's heads. It was proven in repeated experiments. I therefore ignore the obvious,  because “I “ must be wrong. 

I go outside, crow shits on my head, but we all know crows do not shit on people. 

We all know this because we have been told over and over that this is true. I do not even feel the shit hit my head. I go to work and no one sees the shit on my head. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and do not see the reflection in the mirror that clearly reflects shit on head. I return home and eventually wash my hair. This never happened. This is cognitive dissonance.


PS, no crows were paid or trained to act in this experiment. No crows or humans were harmed in this experiment. No experiment really took place, therefore crows that shit in phantom experiments are not to be deduced as having any real life qualities whatsoever. The word crow exists as a phantom, an abstract and yet we all pull up "crow visuals, stories and other lore" -this phenomena is most interesting in and of itself. However, as all crow stories and images does one claim one as more real than the others? How does one claim this mental occurrence as fact? It doesn't happen but it does!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Feminine Uprising

detail of dress for "Journey to the Center of Being"
paint applique and marker on bridal satin

 from a recent social media conversation:

Deborah Barnes : Sad. Humans afraid to face themselves run from reality, the pain and the fear. This results in being ever less involved in the whole of life. Seeing others as lesser to make that "self"  feel  "better" gets weird fast. Who is judge and what is judged becomes a part of the self actualizing and feeds ego what it thinks it wants, but avoids the truth it needs in order to mature. 

To live in pursuit of  pleasure becomes a real "job" as pleasure lessens with each hit. Like any addiction, this is a mere distort of perception that wears out in the long run. We are perhaps being invited or forced to the next level even as we resist. (Spirit motivation, evolution calling or like i think of it,  all is one saying wakey shakey m'dear) Apparently, we humans like the easy fix.  Trading one great delusion for another is classic. It appears familiar and normal and it is not the solution  or we wouldn't be in this current mess.

K:  Like I said before, I could go deeper and dissect the Franklin Cover Up, and with all things laid out, prove that our society is run by a bunch of owl worshiping pedophiles. When you come to that conclusion, the whole perspective changes.

Deborah Barnes:  okay so what makes an owl worshiping pedophile? I am not debating the illness,  just trying to understand the dis-ease.

K: It's simple, it's lust and desire for power at all costs. It doesn't matter who they hurt and what happens to their souls. And they layer lie on top of lie to make sure the majority of the people alive are none the wiser.

Deborah Barnes:  Lust and desire for power, okay; this is a good start point
Lust is an innate distort of passion.  When passion is observed as something hard to control it appears perhaps "better"  to blame that which makes one run hot-- (the person desired or?) and attach shame to the situation, because in reason that which is not reason is lesser, This goes on to cover a lot of territory under the veil of "don't even go there!" (Greek heritage-Egypt was all many Gods, the  top spot went to "Amen" or Amon right oh! Thus was debuted a formal version of God as King and so King is God. 

Backing this up a bit,  the early fertility goddesses lost their charms (and power)  after trade started creating disputes and weapons were designed to protect the goods and later the "just take the goods" became the excuse to build empires ad nauseam.  This is probably how the male power archetypes surged ahead.
The rise of patriarchy was a golden set up for the early church. 

Okay this is the age of male power domination for a good reason. Howling storms, wolves in the forset, strangers from distant lands swooping in and killing that which they didn't understand, plagues and what all;  there was a lot to fear.  Protecting the group was a good and necessary action. Power derived from this source was no doubt heady and the rush, the addiction started. .

In the interpretation of power another path was unfolding, this one had to do with knowledge and the church went for it. They told the best stories, had the best art and opened it up to the public. They had the power of the "media" going for them. 

To augment their source of revenue and to add value to their services, the church went after the women's roles in village life (Marketing the fear of witches, pagans, devils, demons yup what a sell!) This upped the power of the church, which nabbed control of monarchy. Score! 

Trouble appeared as Henry the 8th, that no divorce/have to have a son thing, and a new church manifested to slay that demon! (1500s) Galileo was incarcerated in Italy for his ungodly observances in same era..(uni-verse in collusion:-) So on the science front, the Illuminati emerged around the same time as the Church of England! 

 Both were defiant sons, models of rebellion against the old rulers. How far do you go to spite "church daddy?" Recently and interestingly, church has been caught for hiding pedophiles, and with "Illuminati" doing similar.. is interesting no? 

Okay all appears a bit too out there, i agree, but that is why it is called insane. As for names, players there seems a bit of the old "i'll show you. I cannot please the god of "perfection" so i will do the opposite. 

The ancient cult idea has lingering lodges, those  Masonic set ups- and so what else might be behind closed doors of so called privilege hiding in plain sight?

A possibility here: In trying to create a safe harbor, without understanding the nature of storms, one invariable plays defense. Those flood proof barriers eventually fail. This takes the appearance of strength and arrogance. But maybe that is just a mask that fools ego, a trick to  avoid facing the fear of the whole self.  

Until we accept fear, doubt, error as ohay there appears to be an overwhelming tendency to bury the flaws, wounds and other "sins" from "self." both are trapped in archaic hand me downs, both need fresh ideas to heal the ancient wounds. 

As in the Renaissance, i am hopeful human beings are at a turning point. Or better, perhaps this time it is a leap. In the new narrative i am working with the reinstated feminine archetype who flings the door of choices wide open. Like a rush of fresh air, she clears the room of stale smoke, cutting through the smoke screens not many even knew were there.

She who was feared is also she who will not be denied, because she is a viable part of the whole of who we all are. She is the frame for life itself, she will help us crack the delusions so we can embrace our whole beingness. She understands the shadow as relative to light. She understands cycles and energy flow. She will free us from chains of our old false beliefs.

FYI: this is not gender specific. we are all a mix of male and female archetype, we are all human first. The balance  this "she" brings, relates to our symbiotic relationship to the planet, viatl energy, the  life dance and is as a welcome addition to consciousness which is  considered to be in the realm of the male archetype . Gaiad Theory is my concept of this basic relationship and how as humans  (other species not ruled out) we are conduits for the interactivity that informs and changes the whole- the whole of consciousness and vital energy. This is at the individual level on out and inward as well (life systems within life systems) This is something to get your head around but once you do you can't  go back!