Thursday, June 30, 2011

Democracy ABC

Seattle, the cameras are everywhere

"What happens in Greece is not so different from what has been happening in America: a few profit, but when the chickens come home to roost, the pain is not equally distributed -- and what happened is suddenly everybody's fault." (Huffington, A, Postcard From Greece: This Should Not Be About Austerity, It's About The Future Of Democracy , Posted: 06/28/11)

Like the national debt, credit fraud, war...what others come to mind? I think most of us want to close the equity gap, stop misguided subsidies, educate people and enable health all around-so what's stopping us? What will help us feel empowered and motivated to do so? Perhaps we need more exposure to collaborative and co-op experiences.

Teams in biz and school are a yes/no as under a dictatorship of sorts and not necessarily synched with each person's interests enough to engage them in a truly relevant manner.

So how can we learn to connect and save ourselves from further abuses if we don't build bridges of trust that outscale the competitive infrastructure we have been indoctrinated to embrace?

"....... all the incredible possibilities. The saying "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste" has never been more true than it is in today's Greece. The decay has been allowed to fester for so long, nothing short of a major crisis could have precipitated the widespread demands for reform." -the Greek prime minister, George Papandreou.

(Is that what we have to wait for, like BP oil spill, bank bail out, mortgage scams and Katrina weren't enough? Is USA too large a space, too media distracted to have one disaster that the problem?)

"There is so much good being done, so much creativity and innovation, that are not getting any attention," he said, "while everyone is focusing just on what's dysfunctional."

He went on to talk about a woman who started a snail farm in Milatos that now exports snails around the world. He also told me about a farmer growing olive oil in Kritsa in Crete who branded it Lambda and now sells it at Harrods. "We have such an over-abundance of resources," he said."(G.P.)

Hmm again the boot strap, the "you can make it if you try" thing that has actually caused a lot of the problem. I am not dissing people who make it, but to start a farm took resources and where, how did she get them? In a way this is part of the same agenda that allows for celebrity and hides the real problems via distractions. If one makes it, it proves it is do-able. So a few "win," while the majority "lose" and we swallow this "law" of "reality."

The truer narrative is far more complex, as the flipside is that you must have done something wrong if you don't make it. This disregards that "driving while black" and class system packages exist. Though it does help explain the high rate of USA suicides.

But deeper, at the root, is a faulty culture that rewards those that enable it to continue without too much upheaval. A bandage or slight adjustment is considered progress. But these things aren't enough to change the outcome of resource devastation and wholescale systems failures that are looming. Even though business as usual appears the safest, surest way because its the current "reality" of the system, it will not suffice.

Therefore, we need to expand the options that enable more people to grow, to form stronger bonds based on relationships, connections and resources. This better emulates the mind, body, spirit concept that in turn enhances the idea of being a unique individual that is inherently related to all others, that each being is part of a larger whole. This will help us understand our place in the natural world of biotic and abiotic systems as well as help promote the idea of everyone's unique potential to contribute. Now isn't that the root of a real and healthy democracy? -the root of a sustainable conscious lifestyle?

So m'dears, this is why i think collaborative events are so important. It's a way to build trust in each other while doing something that matters to us and to the whole. This enhances both the current event and the process that enables future actions. Seems to me this is pro-action that makes good sense.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


More style, as spotted on route 12.

I am thinking that bus riders are not only carbon friendly but a style savvy lot and that is fabulous.

This lovely bought her dress in Tokyo but her stop came around before I found out anything more. No matter, picture worth thousands and all that. If you are she and read this, please email me (address in about me section)as I like to credit the artists of garb for their work.

The official call for artists for the "Species on the Verge" show in Wallingford (Seattle) has been posted to the Stranger. If you are a local artist please consider this artist friendly gig. The date for opening has been upped to 7/16 and that means asap for posters/ flyers and what all.

We can change it up. Step one is to show up! (loosely from Woody Allen)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life in a Day

Life in a Day, the trailer is a snapshot of why life matters. Filmed by contributors around the world on July 24th 2010, this is about our emotional connection and the beauty of spirit that shows up, when we gather for good.

Is this not the "REAL WORLD?"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poster Power

The Non Toxic Revolution poster is on Broadway, a bit north of John and i circled the block and stopped in the road to get a photo. (No one was behind me!)

It was great to see this announcement, all bold and beautiful and because i personalize things as gifts from the Universe, i felt validated.

We, in the trenches of sustainable activism, the eco designers and innovators, the greeners and social justice advocates, the vegans and scientists, all of the people who are determined to change the course of of this slide towards disaster, get a lot of bruises. ("Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." Einstein )

However, taking the planet's diversity and who knows what else, back thousands of years, is just stupid and intolerable. This is not the rerun anyone really wants to stage. So, we that push boundaries, continue.

Sometimes we feel very alone and confused. Then a spark lights the path and we know we are to go on. And as more awareness shows up more often, we feel we must be doing something right and our spirits soar.

Just because most of what we have learned came from the past, taught by experts on getting "here" and is reflected in our laws, policies and regulations doesn't mean we have to continue to cater to it It is a problem, but it is not beyond our collective capacity to overcome.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." (Because one "Einstein" is not enough)

The paradigm is changing as we grow towards the light of a living universe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

talent show

Korea but not the sewing machine photo, hope to find it.

Fishin' in the backyard

"Brilliance in the Backyard" is a tribute to my mother.

When I was a kid, my mom organized big backyard summer carnivals with all the neighborhood kids on the southend of Beacon Hill. We gathered together and made the prizes in living room craft sessions, stringing beads, making pom pom dolls, more. It was a glorious mess of paper, markers, crayons, glue, fabric, wires, pipe cleaners and kids of all ages.

Goerge's Store (local Mom and Pop) chipped in for prizes a few times. The money we made went to The Children's Orthopedic Hospital and orphanages in Viet Nam and Korea. One year we received a thank you card from Korea. Tucked inside was a group photo around a sewing machine they had bought with the money. That is when I realized a little about giving. Up until then I thought keeping the money made more sense. Like my allowance was paltry.

I was 15 at the last one. My guitar playing boyfriend painted a sign for me (and he used a lot of green glitter) because that summer i was the fortune teller. I had a really cool book on palm reading as my guide. According to feedback, i aced it a few times.

The carnival went up in our front and back yards. We had a fishing pond game, spin games and bean bag tosses. We put on little skits and other performance things, sold Kool-aide and cookies, it was good times.

Much later I realized that all kids were not so lucky. At the time, it was just something we did, not that special. Now I recognize how it has added to my feelings about the world.

Thanks mom.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On Busses 6_8

I started the "on busses" photo collection back in 2004 and have decided to continue it as public transportation is a key to sustainability. It is also a great way to meet neighbors and discover local talent -underlined on my to-do list, what with the show and extended events in August.

Anyway, I boldly asked Thomas if I could take a photo as he had a rock punk aesthetic that is more because it's his own, indie and personal. That is what great street style is about & that is the best of "fashion."

The subtle studs on the pants, the streak in his hair, all great! And then lo and behold he's an artist. The universe is being gracious.

Must do a street style homage.......

Backyard Brilliance

set design with illustration overlay

Playing with Brilliance in the Backyard, open to better, but had to write while on fire with "The Species on the Verge" installation news. August is in the works and the eco fashion show is going down on the 27th. Starting to pick up the pace of where to go from here as attended a fashion show last night at SAM and am now further committed to the sustainable ethos where the paradigm change is more than "green" and fashion deserves a makeover!

Sharing the stage with pop in guest artists and designers will be topic of discussion with curator next week and ......we are doing this!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Street Style

Seattle -grey day defiance style!