Saturday, June 25, 2011


More style, as spotted on route 12.

I am thinking that bus riders are not only carbon friendly but a style savvy lot and that is fabulous.

This lovely bought her dress in Tokyo but her stop came around before I found out anything more. No matter, picture worth thousands and all that. If you are she and read this, please email me (address in about me section)as I like to credit the artists of garb for their work.

The official call for artists for the "Species on the Verge" show in Wallingford (Seattle) has been posted to the Stranger. If you are a local artist please consider this artist friendly gig. The date for opening has been upped to 7/16 and that means asap for posters/ flyers and what all.

We can change it up. Step one is to show up! (loosely from Woody Allen)

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