Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life in DeLays

It looked so easy in my head! When this project was launched i was thinking a few months of work....tops, after the dresses were made. But head sets and tangly lives, the dances of becoming aware and all the strings that need following when communication is the art- its path was/is full of surprise. Finding the magic mix before baby goes public, well it isn't linear, nor simple until it hits that space....then it is beautifully simple.

Time is finding its own rhythm in this journey....the best i have ever had.

I call fashionRIP my baby, but its livelihood depends on an extended family of volunteers, teachers, doting godparents etc. I am ready to find other stakeholders, for the RIP provokes discussions of change in a compelling manner; and deserves a wide audience.

I think as the human population overdose is recognized for the killer it is, there will be more creative parents, parents who partner for the creative thrill, the nurturing, and the graduation of their "spirit children".

Now ain't that evolution style!

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