Saturday, May 2, 2009

New to View

Anais Nin quote in upper left from banner hanging at NSCC on Earth Day, the Niagara Bar and daffodils are in NYC

The photo slideshow of the Species on the Verge is a good visual overview for anyone new to this site.
I am working on the final edit of the loosely scripted video and then Jaime Robert Johnson will set the score to it. I have learned how important the soundtrack is after being in the backseat of the "Making of the Species on the Verge" video that Bridgett Barker edited for her SCAN producers eligibility. Bridgett was putting another feather on her hat; which is but one of the many hats she wears with talent and joie de vivre.

Music is that which charms the savage beast....i heard that
somewhere, anyway it can also turn that lil beastie on- in the bad way.

Thanks Mr J. for taking on that audio animal.

Success is in the air, like Spring!

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Anonymous said...

Hi deborah,

I am glad you are working with Jamie, he is talented composer and anything you do with him will be enhanced in a supreme and magical way.

I am an artist and friend of his. I hope you will check out my art.

It is well-organized with a left margin bar I had some guy make for me.

Take care, I will have to get a google account I will see if I can send this with my livejournal id.....

Peace out,