Friday, June 5, 2009

wrap it up

i am made of plaster and so carefree
The video has been sent to Springfield, MA. for its audio track.

In the meantime i had to redo the entire project because when i made a rough cut dvd to go with a Final Cut Pro project -"Making of the Species on the Verge" - my Final Cut HD Express project was re-sized into a mini black boxed image and then that version was accidentally copied back to my portable hard drive.

In the "it happens" column of apparent crap, this is a good addition. However i made a new project with virgin clips and am almost back to where i was. The plus is that i am really learning the software, explored several possible solutions and am now cleaning up the timeline even more as i am less in love with it. i have gotten a bit jaded and need to back off!

Funny how emotions can play such a part in life; its too bad we are not as well versed in them as we are in technology. A by-product of our cultural focus i suspect.

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Anonymous said...

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