Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's the fashion!

fish with glamorous sequin scales

too cool rayon
Vintage fabrics have the greatest prints. The old rayon was fabulous, cool to the touch, great body and not ironing needy like the rayon revival fabrics of the 90's . What happened?

The 50s fish print on barkcloth is a closeup of a sundress that makes me think of the Pike St Market fish tossers and a trip to Arizona.

Vintage clothing should be cared for then passed along as is a most sustainable form of fashion....and retains value. That is important now as i am raising funds for the next part of the fashionRIP Project.

Anyone have a warehouse to give me? One that can be an experimental makeover for a sustainable work/live space. Hey talk to me! An experiment in an experiment, how fun is that!


Anonymous said...

The prints are perfect, is their more prints available............


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abbieric said...

I love the fish print, is there any where i can get some.