Monday, June 22, 2009

If Wishes were

Horses, i would be riding the black stallion i pretended to be when i was 8.

I am not sure what that means but my head is in the clouds one minute and freaking the next. Why?

I am speaking in the pro mode for the first time, in London, to start off the Eco Design Fair East opening night fashion show and party.

Now i was into lining up speaking presentation gigs for sustainable fashion but i had planned for a soft entry.

My plan was to start at Seattle Central Community College; a school i was familiar with and where i thought i would do an interactive lecture in order to get feedback, ideas and some polish.

The universe however has a better idea and this rather amazing and quite beautiful opportunity arrived instead. I must be ready for it, even though it feels a little like being pushed out of the nest.

I am leaving Thursday early a.m. and will post more from London if all works out with my new little Aspire netbook.
PS i am naming names because information comes from everywhere.....validity is another topic!)

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