Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eco Design Fair

Nicola (Beautiful Soul) and Jaime

People Tree Fair Trade at the Eco Design Fair

Sums and me

Sums and Mathew

show shot

Manon Flener

party after the Eco Fair party, thanks to N & J

London was fabulous. I am posting photos of the wonderful group brought together by Nicola of Beautiful Soul (website will be up soon) and Jaime to make this stay one of the highlights of my life! I will write more later, but have to get an article to the Ballard News Tribune.

If you are new to this blog please go to the links on the left and see the Ardisallyn photos of the video shoot as well as the Flickrr slideshow on the Posers link. If you click on the photo a caption appears and this will help you get an idea of the first chapter of fashionRIP "the Species on the Verge"

I am going to have to get a blog for this "new to the site thing" as my cards are now global wanderers and this blog is a scrolling journal affair. When the Verge premieres a proper website will be necessary but til then the money goes elsewhere. Gallery, showing space suggestions are wanted as the original venue didn't get their grant..... thank you. (please respond as all ideas are welcome...go to the Teachstreet link to contact me)

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