Thursday, July 23, 2009

Western Gallery

I am a slacker on the blog but that doesn't mean I am not working!

A few days ago I found out that Western Gallery wants a sustainable fashion show (and I am negotiating fr a mini version of the fashionRIP installation. This based on the argument that clothing in context, like art and words is the truer statement aka artist's intent, for what is ground breaking, visual shifting or radical etc becomes part of the lexicon after awhile and therefore loses impact. This is especially true to fashion and I will go into this in an article I want to write for the Ethical Fashion Forum- a shameless tease)

Showtime means Water dresses are on the cutting table and under the needle. After all that black mourning this blue, green, lavender palette is a joy to play in despite the undercurrents in the topic. The relative and the juxtapose, the relationship and the idealized futurism.....its all there! its always all there.

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