Wednesday, July 29, 2009


jaimerobert johnson at NSCC graduation 6/08

Finally all things have come together to to put the music to the "Verge." This has taken awhile to fall into place; hardware, software and bi-coastal communications issues can be smoothed out but in this case meeting up at the media lab is the better plan.

jaimerobert Johnson came west to work and play music with some old friends during summer break. In this mix he is taking time to lay the tracks at the very lab the video was made. It is great to be past these tech hurdles and onto the raison d'etre.

Sometimes patience is a good thing.

Video cast pictures are at the ArdisAllyn Picasa site.
Posers Flickr spot has a slide show of "Species on the Verge" pictures.


deborah said...

This post mysteriously jumped to a high spot on search. When i first saw it, it made me jump. Now i await the "next" step as the plot thickens, once again-

deborah said...

HMmm and new script needs major soundtrack. The new stories need to be told in multi sensory , transmedia ways. Believing the story lies deep in all of our hearts, lies expectant in consciousness (indy and supra) makes the transformation of values and ideology do-able, but not easy.