Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ch ch changes

This is the latest flyer as the closing date is now Sept 23rd, Tin tin was booked for the 26th- unbeknown to us. Voila, we are ousted by a cartoon, now that is an American Distractions giggle.

Ok so much is going on in the real world. If you are visiting this blog and it is the 7th - please pop by and see us during Art Walk 5-8.

Art and living art has superseded my own posts. Will have a dedicated page for the great Co-op Art Show of 9/11. That in itself speaks volumes as far as change, action and the new stories we are telling in this fantastic organic show. Playing the cards the universe deals is a rush, a delight and a dance that super managed events cannot come close to. We are proving co-operation, resource sharing and support works. We are creatures of a social nature that light up in this happy bounce of reflection. We are evolve worthy.

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