Monday, August 31, 2009


London near Truman Alley
I am not sure if i want to laugh or get all pc and be offended. I like the trailer and the snarky attitude.
Not reFashion, not eco but .....something right in the windows and the gap-lessness.
It makes me think of the blog "stuff white people like" ....poking fun at the pale.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its the Context

Truman Alley
Fashion in context is the relevant issue.

Why is this so hard to grasp?

Metal button laws in GB. Silk button laws in France. Coal tar based dyes for fabric (annaline) started by an upper class kid in UK (1856) boomed in Germany as a chemical explosion (they had a system of public education ...more brain power at work!)
Class rigid clothing rules were almost universal. Cut and color laws were enforced.
Techno fibers pushed by designers as industries pushed patents.
South American bird species lost in the great Victorian stuffed bird and feather hat fads.
Lacey Act 1900
Mercury poisoning caused real mad hatters.
Dior full skirts after WWII, good for fabric mills and for getting women back into the home and old fem rigidity.
Fashion and King Cotton (cotton for one organic tee takes 25 bathtubs worth of water)
Cotton uses 10% of all pesticides and 25% of all insecticides.
Sheep dip is a toxic bath that pollutes the environment much is absorbed by the fibers?
Old Egypt style was bald (easier to clean a shaved head)
Do veils denote domination (ownership) and control or merely modesty?
Super high stilettos and breast implants, fashions fault or a sexist societies?
Nettles for fiber in Norway.
Hemp and bamboo grow like weeds and make great fabrics.
The Garment Workers Union was first to stand up against free trade aka job loss.
The garment industry was the first to outsource in a major way, opening the gates for others.
More later!

is it fashion or is it more?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beautiful Soul

has a gorgeous new website with catwalk video, portfolio, shop....words cannot do it justice so go see for yourself.

PS the flip cards on the shop page are great. Click on the photo and it will turn over to reveal a description of the garment. Congrats Nicola and all......delightful Small Print collection in a delightful setting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twit talk

Really had an attitude about Twitter. I met it for the first time last winter at a fake start up gathering. It was weird, as people started imaginary enterprises and worked to get them "going" for 2 days and it was all make believe, for adults, who paid $40 dollars for the fun of not doing anything real in a very serious way!

Maybe i am peeved because if i had collected the door for that big nothing the Fair Trade chapter artists and crew would be paid for this next round. Supporting the arts at the artists level is the sustainable economic model i am trying to establish. Do i have to make it a game first?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Species on the Verge Youtube

"Species on the Verge" video still
as is and up she goes.

I am cutting the cord and setting chapter one free.

The Fair Trade op is open - Blumeadows cd, as well as the event for Women's Equality Day at the NW African American Museum the 27th of this month, the London connection-appear to be a path. The synchronistic collage is available and i am not one to dis opportunity that arrives via the known unknowable.

If you attend the show at the Museum, you have a chance to see the quilts they are showing and connect with local women who are uniting to make changes for a better balance. See you there!

Friday, August 14, 2009

moving on to Fair Trade

Beautiful Soul website - a new look is on the way

Blumeadows is about to finish a cd and since he is interested in doing the soundtrack for the Fair Trade chapter -the "Water Rip" is on hold. Collaboration works best with flexible plans and a double "release" can optimize both of our projects.

I became better acquainted with the Fair vs Free (to exploit) Trade issues while i was in London. Check out the Ethical Fashion Forum for more on this topic.

I met 2 women in London that had gone to Africa on grants to help create small business works. Both stories were plus and minus. Both started out with a clothing model and both ended up walking into a situation that had either lost it's machines or it's lease. The solution became jewelry from local sources that one of the women had to scout out herself. The other woman ended up with jewelry also, however she made an antique kimono source connection that is behind her newest collection that will be going into London Fashion Week shows September 19th -26th. Yay for sustainable spirit! and watch for "Beautiful Soul".

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Her future is up to all of us! (video still)

Just a tweak or two left to do and the video for this first chapter of fashionRIP will go to YouTube.

Okay, there is a sheer overlay effect i want to add but if that can't be done this next week than i can use the idea in another chapter.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion Out of Context

Catwalk fashion is an art unto itself. The staging of clothing has possibly created the precedent for home staging and makes me wonder about window dressing? When did the artful window crowd out the "show it all" mish mash stack up display?

This is the kind of creative history that pushes commerce and art together tangling design impact into a desire for the displayed. Though the whole of the work is an art are the individual elements "artful" on their own?

In the illusion built to sell, the pleasure dies soon after an element is extracted and moved into a lesser designed habitat, thrown onto a moving body or into the kitchen sink. The illusion fades as the product becomes lost in the everyday ephemera.

Brought to you by shop less, live more!