Friday, February 26, 2010

consumer porn

Harrods escalator

outside Somerset House

inside Somerset House week London, day 3 and despite the sustainable designers it is still pecking order nonsense with a serious pretension that had me in giggles...people please.... it's just clothes!

Swollen by the great volume of goods, topped off by a trip to Harrods, past blocks of preening "buy me, buy me" was just too much ....

i was full, stuffed, ill-
exploding from all the
pretties no one

... must be Consumer Porn

Sunday, February 7, 2010

city bird

Finished the skirt i will wear in London..Crows are similar to ravens and the ravens are big in Brit lore. so it fits. The image is from from a photo a friend snapped while he was in town. He flew, the crow flew and its my turn soon.

The skirt is from a suit . Red Light bought the jacket so the skirt was a loner. i used several ready made scrap cuts that were on the sewing table and cut the crows from felted (as in washed to shrink) wool.