Saturday, March 22, 2008

Human Agenda

I am not happy with your pretty packages anymore. I want something bigger and the market can't deliver! Instead the promises are hollow, the game was short sighted and now we know it; don't we?

It used to look good because we were taught that it was the best. As long as we played along, it continued and grew and then we too could be rewarded and have more stuff. However all wasn't ever very pretty inside the big package.

So ultimately the Wall of Denial is crumbling despite the seductive propaganda and if we don't change the course, "we will all have to learn the hard way" like my mom used to say and that way always sucked.

The Old Economic Myth
more babies = more consumers
more consumers = market growth
market growth = economic gains
economic gains = we all win
the big winners are few
resources are limited
we are all part of the food/energy chain

species (humans too) will be controlled by outside forces if not from within
we aren't that happy over populating and drowning in stuff anyway!

As in have a right to be figure out why. Look to your own truth and knowing and seek the path that faith in life will show you....have fun!

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