Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Choose to Evolve

I wonder how many creative, intelligent people take some refuge time in the left brain? It seems to be a good way to get the hemispheres communicating - a way to balance.

If that is true then the vice versa would probably be true as well. Whole brain = whole thought = wholistic.

Sustainablility and ecosystems are wholistic expressions that smash into the old Industrial Age concepts. The narrow and singular can't embrace open, complex, wondrously intricate and harmonic ideas of "the next." The planet is one big ecosystem that we are a part of and despite our vanity, we are expendable and given that ...I should think we shall learn to play nice with the whole package as well as with each other. I suspect our true hearts are born into it, we just get sidetracked.

P,S. Don't blame a dinosaur for thinking like a dinosaur; pity the critter but don't let it bully you... It's a mere remnant of dying ideas.

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