Friday, March 6, 2009


i found this photo yesterday in the contact sheets. It was taken by Renee Vasquez in October and is eerily perfect!
(no Photoshop intervention- only cropped!)

Tonight the "Making of the Species on the Verge" video will be launched to YouTube

Bridgett Barker edited this video at SCAN, the Seattle Cable Access Network from footage of the shoot in the Great Hall of the gracious Fremont Abbey Art Center.

SCAN is losing cable company funding as free speech in the public forum is now online....but is that enough? Consider the who/what defines the public good and the public space and then act accordingly- here act is used as a VERB!!

(to digress is to the brain like the web is to links )

If you visit the fashionRIP Experiment site you will see how difficult and yet rewarding collaborative efforts are. Creative control with an amorphic muse is Not Science...remember science, like the brain, is a mere tool and should not be confused with who we are, as the mix of information is both good and bad. The collaboration of mind/heart/body/spirit supplies the meaningful perspective and should be attended to!

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