Sunday, November 1, 2009

Working it in the UK

Miss Butterfly Collection

"...also I have been sponsored - annual membership/access to training by Fashion Capital and selected for the next stage of NEW GEN and the Fashioning the Future competition...Lots of exciting stuff happening at the mo! Every thing crossed! I will keep you updated on the results.


Beautiful Soul "

This is what support and collaboration delivers. Energy multiplied has more power. Its Simple! So why not here?

What is the difference?

(organizing the locals will help if we can get past some American mindset issues)

Life is power. We can live it in alignment with new science and spirit where that knowledge guides our present into an evolved future.

We in the USA are coming from a culture with many ideas that are no longer relevant. The hard part is that those old think systems hold most of the cards ($ & power).....that is the conundrum!

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