Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks to SCCC

havin' fun at the podium!

so prof with those glasses
audience as anon - i didn't have 70 release forms with me!
On screen - clothing from Monster shot at the Sustainable Ballard Festival 9/09
for opening their doors to sustainable fashion.
It's Thanksgiving and right now am listening to Rain by Jason Becker......i am thankful for the beauty in that song and for all the new and old friends, for family, mentors and everyone seeking to advance the policies and attitudes of the "world" and their communities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

recyCouture skirt

Menswear pants with remnants and a new bit of brown with rose fabric for pocket and tail detail.

Looks like fall. EZ to wear...possibly a piece for the Montana chapter of fashionRIP.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Water Ripped

old green bedspread attached to jean top -label from ?
We are going to put on the great big water show!
Steampunk Cabaret is calling all artists to the water.

What is on the surface, what goes on underneath- ol' toxic Duwammish, Puget Sound alien infiltration, paving over aquafers, irrigation salts, rain barrels, fountains and melting glaciers, showers, grey water, low flush toilets, to privatize or not to privatize -the world of water is exposed.
It is time to claim our bad habits and change them!

When i was a kid i read in Life magazine that people in the USSR knew Beatle songs. Thats when i knew for certain that art was more powerful, faster and better at uniting us than diplomats and, paintings, drawings, stories and spirit are us. Putting energy and attention towards that which matters changes outcomes and if its the eleventh hour.....its time!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Working it in the UK

Miss Butterfly Collection

"...also I have been sponsored - annual membership/access to training by Fashion Capital and selected for the next stage of NEW GEN and the Fashioning the Future competition...Lots of exciting stuff happening at the mo! Every thing crossed! I will keep you updated on the results.


Beautiful Soul "

This is what support and collaboration delivers. Energy multiplied has more power. Its Simple! So why not here?

What is the difference?

(organizing the locals will help if we can get past some American mindset issues)

Life is power. We can live it in alignment with new science and spirit where that knowledge guides our present into an evolved future.

We in the USA are coming from a culture with many ideas that are no longer relevant. The hard part is that those old think systems hold most of the cards ($ & power).....that is the conundrum!