Friday, May 28, 2010

Parallel Healing (1)

London Tube Stop
when bathroom becomes a 4th closet.....u r in trouble!
The Retail Therapy video (below) was inspired by my tube stop last February (London). The sign; go left to Somerset House and Fashion Week or right to the Historical Museum and the last of the Easter Islanders (Rapa Nuians(?)) is legit. That the civilization was destroyed by resource abuse and/or disease is debated but as one leads to the other and vice versa; just move along!

Health is a balance of mental, spiritual and physical well being.

OK, if true than our beliefs based on the capitalist vision that dominates the media and promotes the push of consumer economics to make our lives "better," while actually taking away the time to mitigate stress, nurture relationships, enhance collective intelligence and appreciate our lives, then that is unbalanced & therefore unhealthy.

The shopper's high is real. The short term rush leaves a craving for more and according to the Department of Commerce, we were renamed consumers and programmed to become addicts for a healthy economy. Good job America, we bought it!

This economic theory considered natural resources abundantly available to be used by humans and manipulated by those that had the power to do as they please. Nature was to be conquered and tamed; most humans were workers to be used as resources and a few winners could take all!

Am i crazy or is this like Evilina Island, Land of Mutant Robotic Souls, overstimulated and under nourished - They Seek Love But Buy Toys.

Like being wired naturally to like sweets, a little honey is great but too much is a diabetic coma. I propose that we are predisposed to like beauty, toys, comfort and other elements of "stuff" but too much is killing us.

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