Monday, October 4, 2010

Vancouver Eco fashion

Elena Garcia Eco-couture
Elena always delivers style and innovation. I found charming to apply this time, there was a romantic softness to the collection. It looked very wearer friendly and flowed nicely on the body. Loved the hand dyed quality.
This was a really good event, informative and full of talent. My personal esthetique was pleased many times though sometimes i was wanting to ask a designer to push it further or to lose the .....
I wondered about a few details as "is it a useful addition (pocket) or is it just to draw attention," what? I suspect these were young designers and they will grow into their style.

Catty not intended, but i wear clothes and dislike it when they wear me.
Personal style draws from experience and how one wants to show up in the world. I opt for function over fashion a bit too often these days. Alas!

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