Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Not Bombs

I made this bag for an Agit Prop class assignment. Good and functional propagation means of free speech memes are in the best interest of the commons. Why American Dream Inc?
As an Agitation/Propaganda class project, I was part of a video team that went to a house near the University of Puget Sound to interview people involved in the Food Not Bombs organization.
Andy and Delaney both gave me and the Evergreen team some great insights during their 'views. I even learned a new word, freegan, which is counter consumirism, I think (I will check with Delaney as she wants to know more about eco fashion! And thus connections grow)

The finished 2 minute piece will be part of an exhibition at the Tacoma Art museum that will focus on Tacoma and community.
The human psyche is evolving, I love the reminders that show up when I make it a point to be aware.

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