Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Living Universe

My new favorite book (The Living Universe by Duane Elgin) puts science and cosmos in tune with the Mother Universe (Meta Universe) It's the best interpretation of our lot as homo sapiens sapiens, experiencing growing pains, as we transition from teen spirit into new found maturity. As the "we" makes friends with the "I" a collective compassion enables a world view revision.

The book reminded me of the immense flow and music of the spaces between matter. It reminded me to be mindful, to appreciate the beauty of natural rhythms and patterns that serve to inform the evolution. No longer isolated or apart, we as a maturing species are recognizing our place in the being/becoming, simple/complex universal whole; each of us unique and independent while simultaneously interrelated and connected to the all of the living universe.

Old distortions will be left behind as we act from our heartminds as well as our rational impulse to believe only that which we can observe. Senses enhanced by technology have provided us with enough information and questions to embark on this great journey. There appears to be a “just in time” mechanism that works on many levels of consciousness; aka a kick in the ass of biz as usual. Peace.

Mr Elgin does a far better explanation, trust me. See the "inside the book" feature at Amazon for a nice preview.

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