Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion as anarchy

Excavate your convictions photo from Huffington Post ..would make a great organic hemp tee shirt graphic, eco alt is just sane and an element of the slow fashion next.

When fashion was designed by individuals with an esthetic vision they wanted to manifest there were more options. Fashion by corporation has glutted the market in cheap, fast fashion,  horrors. Ok the basics aren't that bad, but how many of anything does anyone really need?

The overly manufactured trashion that hangs on countless racks in countless stores is a tacky and irresponsible use of resources. Really, I am bored out of my mind unless I go super high end (or indy, vintage and custom)

Fashion is something i can still appreciate;  however the idea of paying the high end ticket for a garment made by questionable labor practices, just seems wrong. (even if i had that kind of money!)

If those dollars went towards worthwhile investments: like starting a pool for a community solar grid, or a neighborhood cistern, or start the people's bank of ethical funds or help buy up land for a pea patch. There are so many better ways to spend a couple grand. If wealth went towards that which supported health and wellbeing we would have something to be proud of and happy about, instead of a garment worn once or twice then recycled or tossed into a landfill. .

Creative diversity can be unchained from the old economic model. In a world cooperating for the well being of all- and animals,plants, insects etc, too- we will shift worldview and possibilities will expand.

Life is a many connected agreement of collaborative species. We have mucked up enough already.

My current hero is Ross Carne, author of The Leaderless Revolution. Enjoy the interviews but do read the book, great read, insightful and full of hope. Anarchy can be less chaotic than a government hooked to an economic system that is suicidal.

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GreenDream said...

Great post Deborah! I love your passion and sense of rightness...