Thursday, December 13, 2012

WaterRIP and Friends

WaterRIP the Flow
Veins to Rivers

Well the show is up, the parties rocked and i am looking forward to guest speakers

Aaron Cooper and Jacqui Alpert will be at the Kerf International Gallery for Winter Solstice presentations on spirit, science and healing.

We are planning events on the 21st and the 22nd.
Poet/artist Sheila Scott will read from her books on the 22nd; a celebration of change -the next 5.000 will not be constarined by the past.

(These dates have to change, merchants were afraid  to lose parking this close to Kmas. It seems once again the possible fear outweighed the possibility of more people and good energy.

As i write this it is the 20th and the WC was by no means bustling. Just saying- as we are now looking at the 28th -30th  just so you know!)

The presentations complement the installations.

Ecosystems health, social justice, generative economics, creating community while realizing the unique potential of everyone, every being - these are some of my favorite things.

As we start to understand how our systems of education, governance, commerce, health were the products of old, false  beliefs then some things start to look silly, tawdry and dangerous.  Why hold onto things that are harmful?

Why hold onto anything that promises to hurt not just isolated individuals but the whole of the community, the whole of the planet? Why hurt another when that hurt harms you?

That is the new quantum truth. We are connected, we interrelate and we are in relationships to all life and the abiotic systems that support life. In fact the lines drawn between what is alive and what is not is less defined... we are learning ever so much!

So we at the Kerf are turning on lights, bringing on the information, opening up the closets and letting the skeletons out, nothing is sacred but life itself.

 Life calling to life is in the living universe- is in the tiniest dew drop and the largest heart. Energy connects us all and in the whole we experience the beauty that rules such an elegant, enlightened truth.

When coming into oneness to heal we grow into our evolutionary skins. The old mantle falls away and transformation is. Welcome the new era.

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