Saturday, January 19, 2013

Leadership Development at Antioch

We are not Newtonian isolated, solitary, mechanistic things

we are organic beings of light, we are energy in a co evolutionary process with the whole of the planet

I am thinking of how to get my Phd. or Masters while creating a process toward generative systems, experimenting with the challenges of cooperative, collaborative , flattened hierarchical systems and developing dynamic new stories to reset the course.

As i no longer trust "our way of life," our sanity or our raison d'etre; i need to work on a way to build trust at the local level.

In a world orchestrated by energy and consciousness, it makes sense to realize that the living planet is "us" just as the "light in me recognizes the light in you." (Namaste) We are in a co-evolutionary process that is a most wonderful gift. Destroying the planet to fulfill the needs of an insecure or overinflated cultural ego is madness and disses g*d/nature/spirit/self.

I think we can grow up and accept the responsibility for the damage we have done- we are truly all in this together. We can awaken to our greater possibilities, to our unique potentials, if we believe we can!! Simple evolutionary stuff here.

So, hey Antioch let's make a deal. The Leadership Development path is their headline, calling them out to be leaders for active change is fair.


  It appears that somewhere along the way,
 we  lost our heads/hearts/minds (almost!!)

So as I am seeking alliances to build a design hub, a magnetic center to attract and develop the new stories by being one, I and my elephants are ready to enter the rooms of Antioch. (Just saw "Atomic States of America" and their are enough elephants in that documentary alone to fill the place!)

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