Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's History

 50th and Roosevelt, Seattle WA.
Art wall no more..Seattle is overbuilding to generate tax revenue. The more people per sq. inch, the more taxes flow into the coffers.

And just nevermind that these monies then go to Bank of America to be invested elsewhere.

Phoenix, AZ, played the same game ...and lost. (Bird on Fire, A. Ross) Well a few did ok, the majority lost  their pennies. This creates stress in the human eco system and opens door further for that ol' cultural dis-ease.

Many official leaders appear clueless as to deep ecology, creating healthy local economic platforms and other relevant issues.

The short term fix to stay in "office/job" is not a solution- no matter how often the pattern repeats. 

Big Picture:

There is a reason people write on the walls, that outsider art is often more relevant than it's sanctioned counterpart and why this matters.

Bubbling up from the collective heart/soul -is a scream for the advanced,  next vision, for the new story. The art rebels are as story tellers and we need to listen.

This isn't scary or chaos- this is merely evolution and it is on our side- if we pay attention.

Consider prior revelations and ask yourself -How long did it take for the "authorities and public" to get good with the novelty of a round planet?

This is the same thing.  And some of us, just as in prior times, are no longer buying the old standard vision.

The world is not flat, poverty is not a given, humans are not in a war with nature, - the old story needs no more repeating. It is a misguided story.

Look at the evidence!! Please!!

Nature designs for abundance, change and a sensory world that exists through conscious observation. This is way cooler than the old set up and offers so many possibilites, we can design for the next vision once we "see" it.

We  are not the dinosaurs, not the machines and we refuse to be the slave-bots of the  myopic, mean spirited, defensive "reality" we are taught to "believe"  based on the story our current systems are inclined to replicate.

The ah ha here, is that even the people who believe they are benefitting from this spiral down vision are only fooling themselves.

Laying waste, taking without giving and ignoring mountains of new knowledge is not savvy but suicidal.

We are all organic life forms in the physical realm and despite the walls of stuff and power, despite the inflated egos - we die and become part of the larger reality, dust to dust.

But more,  we are all conscious observers of the whole and when entwined these ideas of matter and essence will generate another way of life.

I just hope that we don't have to write the dreary apocalyptic chapter first.

Why be that stupid?

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