Thursday, March 20, 2014

Makers Faire at EMP

I have been working in the background.

Writing drafts, starting a lexicon of new words for new stories and gathering a group of like minded people who are more than ready to take on a large, multi layered project.

Working title: ReFashion Hub

This Sunday I will be joining the terrific cast of Sew Up Seattle at a booth in the Mini Mekers Faire which in turn is part of the  "Seattle Tool Libraries and Fixers Collective" at EMP.

EMP is the self proclaimed 

"leading-edge, nonprofit
museum, dedicated to the ideas
and risk-taking that fuel
contemporary popular culture."

I have a personal intern (not) story about a summer i ended up volunteering for the Museum warehouse, with a prior expectation of credits that did not manifest as discussed. I hope this flaw has been mended. On the upside, i got to work with an amazing high res camera and see bands and old friends resurfacing in posters and memorabilia. 

Oh yes and a Refuzor story.....later.

So, I am looking forward to this event in many ways.

Volunteering with Sew Up Seattle is righteous! Doing it at EMP, ironic. In a group of Fixers-sublime.

Ideas and Risk -Taking that fuel pop culture -how sweet the dare.

The risk is in the not taking and the pop is about to explode (fireworks).

The Olde Timey Takers Paradigm is in need of new, fresh stories, as saving face and justifications can not prevail, much longer.  The wholesale ignorance of former beliefs is ragging up  exposed surfaces, the foul bits need discarding, the healthy remnants need reclaiming.  We are showing up to heal and reSet the course.

ReFashion can be all this.  In the new hub it will.

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