Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bio -ability Surpasses Technology

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Several centuries ago Sir Isaac Newton, (1642-1727) enchanted the world with his  theory of the mechanistic universe.

“For Newton the universe was a vast machine composed of interacting objects and could therefore be understood as a machine. Newton’s entire view of the universe was based on the concept of inertia. Inertia states that every object remains at rest until moved by another object and every object in motion stays in motion until stopped by another object. Newton’s mechanistic view of the universe was later applied to rationally understanding economics, history, politics and ethics.” (

In popular culture,  the likes of the Bionic Man and Superman, the man of steel, carry on the story of the “better” human.   Women were not left out, consider the charming tales of the Bionic Woman; who else could be a match for the supreme male?

However our bodies are much more than mere machines. We now are beginning to understand  brain plasticity, the immune system, the mind, body, spirit connection, our bodies propensity for health and how life style choices and thoughts actually change our bodies from the outside in and the inside out!

And the biggest "better than"is that our bodies are informed, tuned and supported by a sensual  system that supercedes reason and emotion but interacts with both and the more of what is called life spark and consciousness. Being mindful of the energy the love-ability and the interconnection of energies will help us leap this quasi "reality" our species has erected from what is no longer looking so "mighty."


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