Monday, April 28, 2008

Greenfest Surprise

These Earth Day events are getting crowded, frequent and all over the place. April 13 & 14 was the Seattle Greenfest and it filled the Convention Center that Sunday. I had volunteered for Swap-A-Rama-Rama which is a recycle and sewing gig and then went to explore the business side. It is astounding what a year can do when a good thing is growing; good design, innovation, variety and choices are now the trademarks of sustainable entrepreneurs.

The heart warmiest surprise for me was all the young sewers that participated at the Swap. My first student was around 6 years old and we pulled a princess dress from a cocktail cast off. She was in charge of the foot pedal and did an amazing job. My camera died so I don't have a picture of her delighted swirl at the end but tis in me heart.

The 11-15 year old crowd was amazing. In fact they were the sewing majority and as a promoter of the tactile creative experience...well "the kids are all right."

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