Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where have all the..........

....gone? Every day we add more flora and fauna to the list. We seem extremely capable of destroying life and when I ask why, I hear people say that it is in our natures. They point to history for proof and if you buy the past performance argument, you will be disheartened.

Don't buy it!

Never before have we had the technology, the diversity in education, the global connectivity, the capacity to understand and the willingness to change. We have the means for transformation!

We can forgive past ignorance but we cannot tolerate the way of life it generated. We have the heart, the courage and the intellect to create the world we believe possible. Pick your passion and recreate it, re-fashion it, re-purpose it or invent with sustainability in mind. Wow, we may really like ourselves after all!

Mourning garb1 dress started from a thrift store satin 1970s jumpsuit. The leaves are re-puposed from old "silk" flowers. Tulle is new but trims are sewing leftovers.

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