Monday, September 8, 2008

The San Francisco Garter Snake

This is the reptilian representative of my endangered fauna. Since it is the 7th species and was drawn on the 7th day and 7 is my lucky number, well it amuses me. What with all the mythical lore surrounding snakes, the whole Eve thing, snake in the grass, Cleopatra- the critter has a bad rep. Okay, some of it still seems deserved and I am not going to hike the back trails of Arizona in hopes of meeting rattlers.

When my mother was around 7 years old her father showed her a nest of baby garter snakes. She was unnerved by the wriggling mass but grandpa told her they were good to have around because they kept the bugs out of the garden

These providers of natural services haven't been well acknowledged until recently. The techno/chemical replacements are a bad trade in value and side effects. However, they are good for the bottom lines of some giant corporations as new opportunities arise with new problems.

That is the conundrum of capitalist economics, my dears. The old and big have the economic power to thwart and stall some very good ideas.

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