Sunday, September 21, 2008

What to Wear

Have you seen the Bluefly print ads.."closet full of nothing to wear" ? It does a good job of pushing fast fashion along with the little girl that doesn't have to choose, but can buy all the looks she wants from Kmart. How about the tv ad with the back seat, shoe box, pile up that extols the mother/daughter shopping experience? My aren't we pathetic!

I think labels should run below products that point out the persistent organic compounds, the toxic travelers that end up in human tissues (doing what mayhem?) and the natural but not organic fibers grown with pesticides and fertilizers that are running off and killing water life. Why keep pushing madness when we know better now?

Okay, I like a new pair of boots once in awhile. But please, the shoppers rush is short lived and then what?

Get a better creative'll be happier.... I promise.

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