Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neo Estate Sales

repurpose a great early 60's desk into a vanity

We're refashioning the estate sale model to raise money for fashionRIP and get the show and yours truly, on the road. (interactive presentation lectures are in the works...the first one will be at Seattle Central Community College on October 28th)

Mom and dad's house is big enough to dedicate a few rooms for sales space and it makes for a nicer than norm shopping environment that customers and "staff" appreciate. Staff being mom, neighbors, dad and me.

Last week was the retro/vintage sale, later on vintage clothing, linens and textiles will go to new caretakers and even further on books, records and cds. The signs say "this weeks special" in hopes that people realize this is something new and not just a tricky dealer or leftovers.

I wish we could come up with a good new name for it. Ideas?

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