Saturday, April 25, 2009

when being bad is good

plants used for fabrics

GRRRRRRilla Marketing or is it GIRLilla ?

Ethical Fashion stood its ground against corporate vending machines on Earth Day.

Think about it.
Plastic bottled beverages (plastic issues are multiple) single serving packaging (packaging is resource greedy and makes for garbage mountains) not to mention that these machines are often refrigerated units and/or always on (gobbling energy) -what are we doing here folks? These machines are full of products that are designated for human consumption but what is the nutritive value? A pointless oral and tummy fix and then....i just had to use that wall of readymade props.

I was asked by a school employee if i wanted an easel for my illustrations and i told him no, that the point was better made using the vending machines. He spluttered back about having to make money and i countered with "its Earth Day, really what is the harm in one day from 10-4 and besides isn't it time to shake awake and see the real ...this ( i point to machines) is a part of the problem after all. He backed off with a statement about getting orders from higher up. Yeah, how high...?

Anyway, a sign disappeared. As it was the one getting the most delightful comments, well i just made a new one to replace it. This happened 3 times until i caught the culprit; "aha, so its you ripping down my signs,"i said in a non offending, jovial manner. It was a silly little game after all!

That third time he took down all of the signs (after 3pm) while i was talking with someone about sewing classes or mercury in immunizations or Peruvian villages (i meet the greatest people)

The point of this is why he couldn't just ask me to please stop ...i guess he was afraid he might lose a possible argument as olde school grounds are sinking fast!

If i see him again, i will tell him he could have just asked me to remove the signs because he tore a few of them and that wasn't nice. The point of this is that sometimes disrupting status quo is necessary to move things forward. Think first and then act...but do act.

It was fun!

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Cynthia said...


Bravo, with a beautiful poignant photo to provoke thought. There is way too much unnecessary consumption. In the short term the diseased economy suffers, but we have to redefine our commerce.

After this quarter is over and things cool a bit, I am there with you, artistic creative expression designed to shift the paradigm!!!