Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday the 11th

Courtesy of the artist and the website.
Sustainable Fashion is ethics over growth and domination of markets...
i mean no one thing can apply to everything, everywhere, all the time.
That's twisted!

Seattle had WTO.

This time the world is gathering in Copenhagen to "solve" another big issue - Climate Change. Today is COP 15 when corporations play to profit from the mess they created. "Our Climate-not your business" is ready to intercede for the people of whole earth.

And this time the people are ready for the justifiers and protectors of passe capitalist values. We are aware that infornmation driven by commerce has jeopardized our very humanity. We know we cannot evolve under the old corporate values because in the end they must value their bottom lines to stay alive and that is not a place where ethics thrive.

Many people enable bad things to happen as they go about just doing their jobs. We are not taught to put the pieces of this puzzle together; to see how we are part of this madness that has imperiled all of us, yet that is the construct! That is all it is; take our energy and our interests elsewhere and a new constuct will replace the old. Simple really!

Unless we allow the Peter Principle on a global scale? YIKES!!!

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