Thursday, December 3, 2009

money talks bs walks

That's an old cocktail cut from my Bahama Underground days of the 80s. Why i am thinking of it now is because i am so dismayed at how few do-ers there are! There are talkers, theorists and writers but when it comes to real economically sustainable re-routes like starting a co-op to buy a space to share for various eco entrees (like fashionRIP Project)...there is nary a show of hands (with cash).
Pooling funds for street up economics is foreign only because we were taught to throw our $ at stocks, making corporations more powerful. Corporations think in terms of bottom lines, HR and growth- an archaic, dehumanizing agenda. (actually a corporation is built of stakeholders as are co-ops -it's the goal that is the dif)

Now add that according to the book Social Intelligence by David Goleman - CEOs are often machiavalian or narcissistic folks. Need i say more?

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