Monday, December 28, 2009

SPL requests

Surprised to find so few co-op business books in the Seattle Public Library. I need to find out how to grow and avoid pitfalls via lessons from other USA co-ops. The Mondragon website is great for inspiration and outline but US policies are not Spains, so i suggested that SPL buy several books in support of the UN year of the co-op...2012. ( Ta da the shift as "predicted' by the Mayan calendar?)

Please go to your library websites and ask for more. Street up ( & grassroots) economics need to start at and benefit the same level, which is the biggest turf so more resources will stay at an equable level.

Photos of Montana skirts will be on the blog soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

recycled rag wreath
directions on the Ethos blog

i have decided to celebrate an original holiday.

Some will call it pagan, but wasn't that just code for outsiders, indys and the others who chose to think for themselves. It also applied to the ancient traditionalists in "it was good enough for my parents so it's good enough for me" and the shamans and priests who were afraid of losing their power. (ergo ego)

From the feminine model of worship, we turned to the masculine but now the partner model is forming.

In honor of this i feel like clearing the clutter and creating some new ways to celebrate this amazing thing called life.

Scolded by Digital Eve

Most boundaries are just made up....

Some remain legit, some are harmful and some are necessary to provide a sense of order in the chaos so humans can function with a degree of "control" This has led to linear logic.

In a linear development we have a hard time connecting peripheral dots....which is why we are in trouble.

Technology is a great tool cannot however, save us or be applied effectively when left in "the box" from whence it came.

We are in a critical period of planet/human evolution and we either deal with it full on and turn a corner (paradigm change) or we fail.

Is this off topic?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sustainable Fashion- how one industry is re-inventing itself

Obvious self promo here, but i need to start supporting this work in another manner as i have pretty much run out of things to sell! Book this ultra fab lecture at
The dead mic, dark space and no extra lights ( gonna get me some roadies one day!) the awkward set up with the remote on the fritz....all of this couldn't stop Cynthia, Mom and me from going on with the show!
The live event was about 1 1/2 hours long , and could've gone longer as the discussions were still going strong. However it was a classroom setting with time limits. I really love how so many shared information; its such a fun, surprising and intuitive way to learn.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday the 11th

Courtesy of the artist and the website.
Sustainable Fashion is ethics over growth and domination of markets...
i mean no one thing can apply to everything, everywhere, all the time.
That's twisted!

Seattle had WTO.

This time the world is gathering in Copenhagen to "solve" another big issue - Climate Change. Today is COP 15 when corporations play to profit from the mess they created. "Our Climate-not your business" is ready to intercede for the people of whole earth.

And this time the people are ready for the justifiers and protectors of passe capitalist values. We are aware that infornmation driven by commerce has jeopardized our very humanity. We know we cannot evolve under the old corporate values because in the end they must value their bottom lines to stay alive and that is not a place where ethics thrive.

Many people enable bad things to happen as they go about just doing their jobs. We are not taught to put the pieces of this puzzle together; to see how we are part of this madness that has imperiled all of us, yet that is the construct! That is all it is; take our energy and our interests elsewhere and a new constuct will replace the old. Simple really!

Unless we allow the Peter Principle on a global scale? YIKES!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

fashion trashed

for overproduction, over selling and over doing on all points. The industry has a huge carbon footprint, is dysfunctional and needs to evolve. Thats where sustainable fashion steps in to become the hero!

So designers and other humans, the global warming summit meet needs us to be proactive, educated participants in law as the old rule will try to exploit us all once again. Please take a few minutes to view Cap and Trade. thank you

Thursday, December 3, 2009

money talks bs walks

That's an old cocktail cut from my Bahama Underground days of the 80s. Why i am thinking of it now is because i am so dismayed at how few do-ers there are! There are talkers, theorists and writers but when it comes to real economically sustainable re-routes like starting a co-op to buy a space to share for various eco entrees (like fashionRIP Project)...there is nary a show of hands (with cash).
Pooling funds for street up economics is foreign only because we were taught to throw our $ at stocks, making corporations more powerful. Corporations think in terms of bottom lines, HR and growth- an archaic, dehumanizing agenda. (actually a corporation is built of stakeholders as are co-ops -it's the goal that is the dif)

Now add that according to the book Social Intelligence by David Goleman - CEOs are often machiavalian or narcissistic folks. Need i say more?