Saturday, January 23, 2010


and other frayed details.

A reconstruction has a beauty that original intent can never achieve. The history of the deconstruction adds authenticity. The machine made mass produced garment that attempts to cater to short lived trends carries the energy of a greedy machine that dehumanizes populations.

Sweatshop labor is just a resource albeit human and chemical fixes (formaldehyde, VOCs, PFCs etc) abound even though many of them have multiple health risks associated with them; well that risk is usually acceptable as proof is the responsibility of the injured. Since it is not easy to isolate and condemn one chemical from the toxic mix up our bodies are dealing with, the power remains with the industry. We are targets and stats in a race to expand markets. Corporate language dehumanizes us as we cater to its needs- the needs of a system at the expense of our own.

Eventually this whole thing will implode for it is not wise to kill stakeholders, contaminate and overuse natural and other resources or allow job descriptions to rule over the empathetic laws of humanity.

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