Saturday, January 30, 2010

gimme shelter

fashionRIP Project is a multimedia fashion/arts/info installation but it is also an experiment.

What will a sustainable fashion retail shop, next to DIY workshops, across from a gallery space, next to a community hall all bent on street up economics with for profit and non-profit aspects in a co-op build look like. Well it looks fantabulous in my specs. With the input of like minded active dream builders the design begins from an ideal and adjusts as necessary to allow form and function to inform the whole.

fashionRIP taught me many "how to" basics; but more; it taught me that this is do-able in a larger scale. With science breakthroughs in brain imaging; quantum theories, biology and eco system patterns this type of organization is akin to our very humaness, this is how we evolved and this is why launching the next phase is important. Staying still stagnates and stagnation leads to decay...and that stinks.

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